August was Knit For Connor Month: Pembroke vest

As winter was drawing to a close, I started to feel a little guilty about the amount of knitting (or, more accurately, the lack of knitting) for Connor. So I thought I’d better rectify that and set aside August as Knit for Connor Month!

I have managed to get 3 things done (well, the third is almost done, heh!) and each will be transitional pieces into spring and will also, I hope, fit him next year as well.

Pattern:  Pembroke vest by Kirsten Kapur.  A lovely, classic and free pattern which goes from 6mo to 8yo (I made the size 2).  I do love a good cable, and this vest has cables aplenty!  I wish there was a better way of managing cables and decreases, as it can look a bit funny to just stop cabling, but I’m not sure whether there are better alternatives (please enlighten me, if you know!)

Yarn: I had 3 x50g balls of the blue yarn, Karabella Aurora 8 (col 1555) and 20g of the white in the same yarn.  And I used it all, except for about 10g of the blue. I wasn’t sure if I would have enough blue for the vest, so I decided to do the ribbing in the white.  And I knit the front first, as I figured if the cables ate up lots of yarn, I could do the back plain. But as it turns out, it was the white I ran short of, so the neckband ribbing is blue and white stripes. Which I think is quite effective, if I do say so myself!

Oh, and can I just say, I love this yarn!  So soft and lovely to knit with, and shows up a cable so beautifully.  And makes such a beautiful sproingy fabric.  Yum yum yum.  One of the balls did have a couple of knots in it, quite close together, which I discovered when I was knitting the neckband.  Grrr, more ends to sew in!  I’d still use this yarn again though, just lovely.
Sticks:  3.75 and 4.5mm KnitPicks Harmony Options.
Time: 14 – 26 August 2011.  I am amazed at how quick I knit this.  Especially as I discovered when I’d finished the front that I had done the armhole decreases on the neck, and the neck decreases on the armholes.  GAH!  What an idiot!  So I lost a day and a bit in unpulling and re-knitting these (yes, you heard right, I actually frogged and re-knit!)
Bottom one re-done … much better!
Modifications: I used short rows on the shoulder shaping so I could do a 3 needle bind off but otherwise knit the pattern as written.  If I was to knit it again, I would change the ribbing so that the pattern flows neatly out of the ribbing.

I wasn’t sure I liked the middle cable (some people on ravelry have actually changed it for a different cable) but the more I look at it now, the more I like it.  In particular, I like how it is designed to open out at the neckline, the designer has placed it really well on the front.

I’m very happy with this pattern, the yarn works so beautifully with the cables.  In fact, I liked it so much I might just pull out my hibernating Must Have cardigan, which also uses this yarn, and get back into the cabley aurora 8-y goodness!



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26 responses to “August was Knit For Connor Month: Pembroke vest

  1. look at him trotting around! Go Connor!It's just gorgeous. Love cables so much and they make a very handsome vest. I reckon when I do it, I'll do the cable as it is too. It looks perfect.

  2. jp

    What a fabulous vest and such talented knitting.

  3. its is really gorgeous, and just looks so good on him. your cables are lovely, as always. he is so cute, walking around in his jeans! gosh, where has the time gone?!

  4. Sue

    Your pembroke looks great and I like the idea of 2 colors. I started one for my nephew two days ago as part of the KAL for the plurk podcaster's challenge so I have to finish it by next week.

  5. Having seen this Jane I know how super cute the vest is and the colour – LOVE IT ! Such sweet photos of the little man "walking" about the yard like a man about town in his new vest and jeans….but is he wearing matching socks ? ;D

  6. What a beautiful looking vest and Connor is so cute. Wish I could knit like that 😦

  7. amy

    I love kids' knits for the speed! So satisfying to knit an entire garment so quickly, no? He looks like such a little man!

  8. Perfect vest for a very perfect litle boy. I just want to reach in and grab that belly. Lovely pattern, hope it fits him next Fall.Meredith

  9. I think vests are perfect for small children – protects their chests (a superstition I've inherited from my mum) but no sleeves to dangle in mud or paint or water or whatever. Looks very good. Definitely improved by having the decreases on the right side of the neckline!

  10. It's perfect for winter/spring. Just a little something but not too warm as he runs around. I like the color and you can see the sproingyness of the cables in the photo. I can alsmost feel them.

  11. A darling sweater vest!! On the cables adn decreases: I keep crossing sts even if I do not have all the sts called for in the cable. As I decrease sts away I may on cross 2 over 1. Most people won't be able to tell how many sts are under the cable anyway.

  12. Oh wow – he looks handsome! Even… ah… without seeing his head…! I love that blue.

  13. Connor is a natural knitwear model. He must know he looks fabulous!! I love the stripes in the neckband and all the cables. It's very Peter Davison Doctor Who!!

  14. del

    LOVE this! The colors and the pattern are just perfect together. Minor mishap aside, you finished this up in a jiffy.

  15. That's looking really nice. I'm glad you were able to modify. I'm terrible at that.

  16. What a handsome lad! And the vest rocks.

  17. Had to read this twice – OK, OK, three times – because I kept getting distracted by the cute widdle guy walkin' around! But the sweater is very cute, too. Aurora 8 is one of my LYS co-worker's favorite yarns: she recommends it for EVERYTHING. It is very nice. There was a pretty interesting article about it/the owner designer in IK a few months ago… kinda cool to have some background on one's yarn sometimes.

  18. WALKING whootand that boy is handsome in his gorgeous new vest

  19. It's lovely – the contrast rib makes it look like a cricket jumper in reverse to me!

  20. He's walking!!! And in a pretty special vest. Well done the both of you.

  21. Well, of course it's darling. First, look who's wearing it! Second, it's a Kristin Kapur design. Everything she designs is wonderful.The yarn is perfect. Those cables really pop! As my grandmother used to say, he should wear it in good health!

  22. What a cute pair – the vest and Connor!

  23. gorgeous boy, all growing up! the vest is lovely, RR – just perfect for him!

  24. That's a gorgeous vest and it fits him so well. Great job Mum!

  25. That vest is really adorable!And if you ever get to NYC, I'll take you to the Karabella factory store, which will make you super happy.

  26. I am so far behind, but I had to say what a delicious little vest!

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