Knit for Connor month: Lillen Pantses

Even though this is the second project I’ve posted in my Knit for Connor month, it was actually the first completed.  It just took me a while to put in the elastic (as usual, it’s the final touch that makes the garment useful and wearable that takes me forever!).

I recently bought the MillaMia book The Close Knit Gang.  It’s a fab little pattern book for toddlers, with really cute and stylish garments mostly sized up to about 5 yo.  I chose the Lillen Pant(ses) pattern first, as I thought it would be a really good way to use this yarn – from stash – woo hoo!

Pattern:  Lillen Bottoms 12-18 mo size, from The Close Knit Gang.  These are really cute little pantses, knit flat in two identical pieces.

Yarn:  The MillaMia yarn (which is lovely, by the way) is really a sport/5ply yarn.  But since I am trying to knit from the stash, and my stock of sport weight yarn is fairly limited, I thought I’d use this skein of Wollmeise 100%, in one of the club colours, Saami.  It’s a colour that really screams out to be used for kids, I think, given the primary colours!  I even swatched, to check whether I’d need to knit a size (or more) up to make up for gauge differences.  I was surprised to find I got gauge with the suggested needles, even though the WM is really a fingering/4ply weight.  I used about 115g of the 150+g skein.

What was really interesting was that even though the two pieces are knitted the same, one piece pooled and flashed substantially more than the other! (it is actually much more obvious in the photo than in real life, although once you have seen the photo, you can’t unsee it in real life!)

I am also glad the WM is machine washable!

Sticks:  3mm and 3.25mm KnitPicks Options.
Time:  25 July 2011 – 12 August 2011. 

Modifications:  The pattern has a ribbed waistband. I didn’t really think it would stay up very well, especially with a crawling baby (Connor hadn’t yet started walking when I started these!).  So I did a stocking stitch turned band (with provisional cast on) to act as a casing, so I could put elastic in.

I also did garter stitch on the “hem” of the pantses, rather than moss stitch – only because the moss stitch fights too much with the varigation of the yarn.  If I was making these in a plain yarn, I would probably do the moss stitch.  I would also make them a bit longer!  I made these to the pattern length, but I think they could be a little bit longer.  Just a wee bit, mind!

I’m quite happy with these!  Gotta love a child who is too small to reject the handknits! (hopefully he will never reject the handknits, heh!)



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20 responses to “Knit for Connor month: Lillen Pantses

  1. TOO cute – Connor and the pantsI love the nearly tiger stripe of the pooling Also love the knit victim – start them young!!!!

  2. So stylish! So perfect for the saami. the pooling and flashing is fascinating really – so unexpected, the way it's behaved.

  3. I love watching Conner walk, I can 'see' him walking in the photos!! His pantses are gorgeous and isn't pooling weird?? I love it though and the legs are unique. Excellent use of your stash!! Conner is going to have a great modelling career with hand knits!!

  4. They are even cuter in the flesh. Sorry I've forgotten your puff'n stuff, will drop it off tomorrow.

  5. dear me, I think I just ovulated with the cuteness!!

  6. Don't worry, even when they reject the handknits, they come back around after a couple years! Very cute pants!

  7. You have to make the knitted pants while they're still too little to reject them. They're so cute. And I'd bet they're comfortable.

  8. Very cute! I'll have to check out that book.

  9. amy

    I think knit pants are adorable, and Donna Lee's right, there's a very short window of opportunity for them. (Plus, they really only look good on very small people.) Excellent congruence of yarn, pattern, and toddler!!

  10. del

    These are adorable! I wish I could wear knit pants, but sadly, they only look this good on little ones.

  11. Sooo cute – and his little vest is a sweet wee thing too. Glad the hexapuffs aren't stopping you knitting for your son!

  12. Too cute! And the kid ain't bad either.

  13. Those are some stylish, on the run legs! Love the colours.

  14. DrK

    oh cute little boy in his cute little pantses. are you planning an adult pair? i would 🙂

  15. Could that little behind be any cuter? Well done and I hope Conner always loves his Mum's knits.Meredith

  16. Perfect combination of pattern, yarn and wearer.

  17. Ann

    Love those pants & look so good on him. I like the vest too. Connor will be very well dressed by the end of the month.

  18. Totally cute! Love woolly pants on little ones. I think the pooling is awesome too

  19. I just adore these Jane, they are absolutely SUPER cute ! You made the right choice with the waistband even if it took time to put that dreaded elastic ;D

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