StashDownUnder – September 2011

I had a good month this month!  I can’t say no yarn came in, because I did receive two lots of red 4ply for my Beekeeper insanity, but nothing that I bought myself!  So that’s not too bad! And I somehow managed to have a HUGE knitting month, so go me! Heh!

This month:
In:  2 x 50g balls
Actual balls used:  10.5 x 50g balls
8ply equivalent: 15.5 x 50g balls (LOTS of 4ply knitting this month! plus a couple of balls donated to Guild)
metres used: 1,138m

Year to date:
Actual balls used: -7.75 x 50g balls (I might just come out neutral by the end of this year!)
8ply equivalent: 78 x 50g balls
metres used:  9001m

I thought I might as well do my Beekeeper update today too.  This month was a good month, I managed to do 34 sexypuffs – yes, more than one per day!  Hurrah!

I also tried out the crochet version, which is free on Ravelry.  I had to modify it a bit, to ensure they match my knitted puffs in terms of size, but that is easily done.

And I like the bit of texture that the crochet puffs give to the quilt.  Red and texture!  I might have to try a moss/seed stitch puff sometime soon!



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16 responses to “StashDownUnder – September 2011

  1. ooh i love that you're playing with texture and adding some crochet ones. I think that'll be a good way to stave off any potential boredom too!

  2. amy

    Yup, I think interspersing some crochet ones will add more interest visually, too. You can really play around with the placement when you start sewing up. Unless, of course, by that point you just want to get the @#$! thing done and you sew them any ol' way… šŸ˜‰ (The photo of all those red puffs–so pretty!)

  3. those red puffs are just delicious – and I love the crochet texture(did I just say that!?!?!?!) – in contrast in amongst the knitting it looks fabbo

  4. Looking great Jane! I've done a few moss stitch puffs in lieu of trying the crochet ones, and I really am enjoying the difference in texture. šŸ˜€

  5. they really are very cool. i have no idea how its actually going to work when theyre all done, but i love watching the process.

  6. That is going to look Sa-WEET! Love the contrast the texture adds!

  7. I still don't know how you're getting so much knitting done with a little one.I'll get your package in the mail soon; the Jewish High Holy Days are putting me behind!

  8. I love the crochet hexi's, they will add such a wonderful texture to the blanket. They will also keep you from going insane because you can change things up a bit.Happy weekend,Meredith

  9. And you know those striped puffs? The stripes don't HAVE to be parallel. You have just burned through the stash!

  10. Ooh I like the crochet texture in amongst the knitting a lot, nice to change things around too in the making of them

  11. I love the idea of the puffs but the making of them would be too much. I'm going to think about the mitered cross blanket after the holidays. I have enough colors for parts of it, I just need the contrast bits.

  12. the crochet will be a nice point of contrast in texture amidst the quilt, agreed.and go you, with the stash burn! imagine reaching stash-neutral by NYE?! (and the reward purchasing that could ensue!!)

  13. It's the bee's knees, your quilt. I love the crocheted ones and I think other knitted textures would be excellent too. How exciting!!!

  14. del

    Oh, they are sooo cute! Love all the red.

  15. What a productive and virtuous knitting month – lovely things for Connor plus more than a hexapuff per day. I like the idea of introducing crochet and other stitches to the quilt. There'll be lots of subtle variations of colour and texture rather than the more obvious variations of colour others are using.

  16. Loving the red sexypuffs (heh!) so much! And good for you having such a good month stashbusty wise!

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