StashDownUnder – October 2011

Ooooh, I had a good month this month!  Lots of knitting (and crochet!) and only a small amount of yarn in…well, it wouldn’t be me if there was no yarn in, would it?!

I bought a skein of red alpacky sock yarn (for the Beekeeper, what else?!). I felt the need for some fuzzy alpacky sexypuffs.  And I acquired some red leftovers from Zena and Donna:

And speaking of the Beekeeper, I had a really good month on the sexypuffs – 36!  I wonder if I should do the blanket in diagonal stripes?  A row of plain puffs and a row of variegated?

In:  3 x 50g balls
Actual balls used:  8.75 x 50g balls
8ply equivalent:  15.5 x 50g balls (yes, lots of 4ply action this month!)
metres used: 1582 (that crochet really does use up the yarn nice and quick!)

Year to date:
Actual balls used: -2 x 50g balls – I really think I have a good chance of coming out stash negative or at the worst, stash neutral this year!  How novel!
8ply equivalent: 90.5 x 50g balls
metres used: 10583m

Woo hoo, I cracked the 10,000m mark!  That’s over 10km of yarn!  Go knitting!



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18 responses to “StashDownUnder – October 2011

  1. wow gorgeous love it – red red red

  2. DrK

    Good lord. You're a stash busting WIP finishing sexypuff making machine aren't you? Who are you and what have you done with Jane?! I liked the flower arrangement you had going on before with rhe beekeeper, by the way. It was random. but not. Clever.

  3. oh yeah, diagonal! I like that! It looks better than random I think!

  4. I really like all the randomness of this project and the yarn collecting going on to make it happen. It's almost becoming a group project coming together to help you to the finish 🙂

  5. hehe..stash negative.I'll believe it when I see it 😉

  6. 36 hexipuffs!! You are way ahead of me – I have gotten as far as printing out the pattern!

  7. Stash Neutral isn't even a term I can fathom. But if you can I applaud you! Love the reds.Meredith

  8. Lovely red red reds!Good luck with coming out stash negative. I don't think that has ever happened to me since that first day I picked up the needles. Maybe this year. I might do the sums… when I'm feeling brave!

  9. amy

    I can't even fathom doing the sums. I know I don't buy much yarn anymore though–more buying patterns to use it up! Just don't talk to me about art supplies or fabric…I like the diagonal. It's a pity we can't all fly to Sydney at the end for a big hexapuff arranging party.

  10. Bravo on the stash reduction!! And bravo on getting 36 hexapuffs. But I vote for either chevrons or random arrangement. A diagonal stripe always looks off kilter to me. (Everone is entitled to her own silly-ass opinion, right?)

  11. del

    You have been a busy bee. Good for you!

  12. I would love to knit the hexapuff thing, but somehow I just don't think it is going to happen. I might go insane.Love all the reds. 🙂

  13. Love the red puffs so much! I'm all for planned randomness myself – and it's less limiting when you run out of yarn. But the diagonal looks really good too. Can't wait to see what you do!

  14. Well done on the stash-busting – though if I were you I'd be really pining for a stash purchase by now. I like the diagonal lines of variegated and plain hexapuffs – but I think at this stage you should keep an open mind so you can have fun playing with variations as the puffs accumulate.

  15. Stash neutral! What a concept! Love it!

  16. Well done on your 10kms!! (I am almost up to 9)The stripes are looking great!! I can see why you are addicted!!

  17. ummm – you bought some nice yarn! and it's nice to see how the Beekeeper is coming along. nice contrast with that dark line in the center.i hate to think how many meters of yarn i have. and also how often i still feel i don't have the perfect yarn for a project. anyway brave of you to count.

  18. Ann

    Love those gorgeous variations of red. I have been knitting from my stash too & trying not to buy more yarn.

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