I read a book (or three)!

My Roald Dahl fest continues!  Since my last update, I have “read” James and the Giant Peach, and The BFG.

I liked each of them very much, but did ponder what wonders would have fallen upon James if he just hadn’t tripped under the tree!
I have also finished listening to another audiobook which I’ve had on the go for a while.  Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, by Winifred Watson, read by Frances McDormand (who starred as Miss P in a movie adaptation made in 2008).  I wasn’t too keen on the reading at first, but then McDormand grew on me, just as this book did.  I found it delightful!  
I suppose it would be considered a romantic comedy, a fish out of water tale, and not especially earthshattering or controversial. But I really enjoyed it and would recommend it over much of the “chick lit” out there at the moment (not that I’ve read much of that, but in comparison, this book doesn’t make you feel like you are cheating on all the “good” books you should be reading instead!).

And in case you were wondering, the pictures are of the current books on my (not literally) bedside table – all birthday gifts!  Thanks to Jody, Lyn and DrK.  I do love a knitting book! So many possibilities!



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13 responses to “I read a book (or three)!

  1. im sorry, you were talking about serious literary matters i think but i got distracted by the pretty knitting book pictures. roald who?? 🙂

  2. I had to shout myself Coastal Knits… sniff. But totally worth it!

  3. I am totally going to be reading those books when you photograph my Nuvem…

  4. I class knitting books as reading books and certainly worthy of being in the company of your other reads .D

  5. Great knitting porn there! How I love Roald Dahl!

  6. I think yo are one lucky girl to get those wonderful books. I have heard so much about Coastal Knits. Let us know what you think of it.Meredith

  7. I really enjoyed Miss Pettigrew both the book and movie – and as for The BFG – I love it to pieces and think I read a copy to pieces :)I hope you'll do a review of those knitty books I don't have any of them and am tempted by them all

  8. While trapped in Moree for four days, I read actual paper books! I read "The Tin Ticket" (the life of women sentenced to transportation; my g-g-grandmother was one of the central characters) and Susan Duncan's memoir "Salvation Creek". I also read (including ads) six patchwork/craft magazines and listened to the first chapter of an audio book ("Secret River" by Kate Grenville) until mum told me she couldn't follow it and didn't wish to hear anymore! I had downloaded it specifically for her after cataract surgery but she forgot to take her hearing aids with her!

  9. amy

    I don't mind a fluff book now and again. Sometimes it's just what I need when I can't concentrate on anything else. (I can't stand badly written anything though–I will refuse to finish books if the author can't write.)Coastal Knits is a good read all on its own–so much in there besides patterns!I'm currently reading My Dear I Wanted To Tell You by Louisa Young, found on the new book shelf at the library. It's set in London (and the Front) during WWI. Very good, although I'm sure it's just going to get sadder as I go on.

  10. i didn't know they had a Best of Knitscene book out. that's a great sweater on the cover – can't you just see it on me – those long sleeves and the buttons. i bet the inside of the book is inspiring as well.

  11. I love a good knitting book. I've currently got my eye on Custom Knits 2 since i liked the first one and Wendy seems so practical.

  12. I was in tow minds about watching the film because it is on this week, but I will definitely do so now. Oh knitting books, I am ever so slightly addicted to them!!

  13. Best of Knitscene?! WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?!

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