StashDownUnder – November 2011

Lots of knitting and crochet this month but I’m afraid I fell off the wagon when it comes to yarn purchases.  A ball here, a holiday skein there, a couple of destash temptations over there, a “well, I’m going hopeless anyway so I might as well buy another ball” here.

And surprise surprise, its all red!!  (shown with a bunch of donated leftovers for my Beekeeper Insanity). 

But on the Beekeeper front, I am doing well!  35 puffs this month, ahead of schedule!  Yay! What do you think of the chevron arrangement?

In: 14 x 50g balls (ulp!)
Actual balls used: 6 x 50g balls
8ply equivalent: 12 x 50g (LOTS of 4 ply work this month!)
metres used: 1395m

Year to date
Actual balls used: -4 x 50g balls. 
8ply equivalent:  102.5 x 50g balls
metres used: 11978m

Last month I commented that I might come out stash negative or at worst stash neutral by the end of this year.  I am predicting right now that that will not be the case!!  Darn you Rowan for discontinuing Calmer!  (not that I’ve bought any yet…but I’m prety sure I will be!)



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19 responses to “StashDownUnder – November 2011

  1. DrK

    If there is ever a reason for coming out stash positive its the discontinuing of a favourite. I'm assuming you'll be going red there too? So many lovely additions. Perhaps the new rule is that red yarn doesnt count?

  2. I love the chevron arrangement!I think at some point you should do a photo montage of the different arrangements, so we can vote and then you can do whichever one you like best anyway!

  3. I'm so impressed by your hexapuffing – very dedicated. Maybe you can console yourself that the stash acquisition would have been greater if you hadn't been trying to stash down? But anyway, when you look at all that lovely yarn, how can you regret acquiring it?

  4. Love all the red and the hexi's are coming out beautifully. keep up the great work,Meredith

  5. I'm having to work quite hard to ignore those Calmer sales as well… Well done to both of us for resisting so far though. And just think how proud you'll be if you can get to the end of the year stash neutral!

  6. Lovely purchases. I like your Chevron arrangement; congratulations on being ahead of schedule! Every little bit helps, doesn't it?

  7. What is it about red that makes it such a fabulous colour? The chevrons are very decorative and look great.

  8. amy

    I just think it's hilarious that every time you give us a hexapuff update, it's in another arrangement. I think a poll will be in order at some point too, the results of which you can soundly ignore if desired.

  9. i agree with Amy – i think you'll need to do a poll on the Beekeeper arrangements. and then ignore the poll and go with your instinct.ok pretty obvious i'm not a huge red knitter/wearer but wow those are nice purchases! i would have been tempted too.

  10. I'm seriously blown away by all that red and luv'n the hexipuff fever – YaY you for the enthusiasm .D

  11. ooo… chevrons are the beginning of hexagons within hexagons….P.S. I'm having a Stash-Up on Rav next year. Don't you think one year down and one year up would be good balance?

  12. 35 puffs this month?! you are amazing!beautiful new reds, you lucky thing

  13. and ahh, that post above is me logged in incorrectly!

  14. I like Dr K's approach – red doesn't count 🙂

  15. Well, the year is not yet over. You might go on a mad knitting jag and hit stash neutral by 12/31. It could happen. And if it doesn't – the world has not come to an end in spite of all the predictions.

  16. Nice chevron hexapuff action and I think if you like red and there is red wool/cotton to be had, then it should be yours!!!

  17. I just love,love red so keep the buying up !Kindest Regards Linda

  18. oh those reds! I don't blame you at all – in fact I'm living vicariously through you!the puffs look very bouncy and cute – will you do the quilt-tie corners or just sew them all together?

  19. I thought you were crazy when you took on this blanket! It would sure make me crazy! But I can see that it would be a huge help in taking down your 'red' stash. :0) It will be beautiful too!Thanks for encouraging my little Koala! We do love him.

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