Garden makeover – baby steps!

A couple of weeks ago, we had a horticulturalist in to look at our backyard and discuss ideas for using it better, both from a practical and an attractiveness perspective.  It was really useful, because it confirmed some things we thought, and gave us some new ideas.

These shrubs are at the top of the retaining wall.  They were here when we bought the house.  We’ve trimmed them a bit but that’s it really.  Husby was most pleased when she recommended we get rid of them!

In fact, he was so pleased that he cut them out the very next day, first thing in the morning!

And despite my misgivings about losing some plants, she was right.  We can now see our backyard from the outdoor dining area and from the loungeroom behind.  It really does open up the space nicely.

To make it look a bit less spare (until we do the actual work in the yard) we’ve planted some petunias.  Just writing that (not t0 mention actually doing it!) makes me feel so middle-aged, heh!  I associate petunias so much with both my mother but especially my mother in law, who plants some every year. 

Well, maybe they are a bit old-fashioned to me, but they do add some nice colour, which is appreciated right now given the grey old weather we’ve been having the past few weeks (I still can’t believe it is summer and almost Christmas!)



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18 responses to “Garden makeover – baby steps!

  1. i love that retaining wall you have, i think now you can see that lovely wood too and it does open things up. im a bit like that with petunias. they do look lovely tho. hmm nice green lawn too. must be all that RAIN we're having!!

  2. jp

    That view will be priceless when the little man is running around. Tal refers to anything like that as potted colour. Petunias are a little old fashioned but they do look fabulous.

  3. it's great to open up space like that – as Connor gets bigger you'll be able to watch him run around more easily! I love old fashioned flowers. They're classics. Like the sweet peas I grow every year – old fashioned, a bit romantic and colourful. I reckon you should go mad and plant some more colourful annuals there while you're waiting to do more permanent planting!

  4. Your yard looks lovely – much nicer too without that shrub. I think the Petunias will look lovely.

  5. It certainly did open up the view of your lovely big yard.

  6. What a big beautiful yard! I know one little boy who is going to enjoy using it very soon!

  7. I think it looks great and I love petunias, they bloom so beautifully and are very hardy. Does that make me old?Hmmmmmm.Meredith

  8. del

    I love the petunias. I don't know, I've never made the "old lady" association, lol. To me, any flowers are just pretty.

  9. From here in Canada where Winter and Darkness are the focus outside these days, how refreshing to read about gardening!

  10. Nice! That really does open up the space.

  11. wow – i would have had misgivings about cutting out those shrubs too – but it looks like it was the very right thing to do.laughed at your commentary on petunias. i've had a bias against them too – and yet they're very pretty plants. hope you're soon able to enjoy your "new" yard in warmer weather.

  12. amy

    Oh well that absolutely seems like the right thing to do. That way you can sit at that table and knit and still see your kid running around–clearly the obvious choice!!

  13. Now I think petunias are old fashioned but not pansies – weird hey? The weather here is a bit off too – I still have some roses blooming the winter has been so mild! Happy gardening

  14. I dunno – petunias are the coming thing around here. They're hardy, and the trailing or "Wave" petunias show up in hanging baskets on every street in town. Hollyhocks seem a bit old-fashioned to me,but not petunias.

  15. I love petunias, too. I guess it confirms my soon-to-be senior citizen status! I love the colors and the fact that they just keep on blooming.

  16. For some reason, I'm now obsessed with saying 'petunias'.

  17. I think that is such a clever idea: asking an expert. The shrubless and petunia-ed back yard does look so much better too!!

  18. WOW what a difference it really opens up the space and old fashioned or not I like the petunias. They do add colour and you know how I love the idea of that

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