Stash Honesty – January 2012

Well that month flew by.  For some reason I felt like I could just buy anything this month.  And I did.  Sort of.  I did exercise some restraint, believe it or not.

First up is some Rowan Wool Cotton that I bought from a destasher – at a price too good to pass up!  Yep, I even bought two balls of pink in there…I know – madness!  Heh heh.

And two balls of yarn from our Melbourne trip – because souvenir yarn doesn’t count (sort of…).  Red alpacky for more sexypuffs, and the cotton blend sock yarn for socks for husby – he doesn’t have any cottony knit socks, and I don’t have any cotton blend sock yarn, so snap!  It had to be.

In:  13 x 50g balls
Out:  7.5 x 50g balls – mostly 4ply/fingering knitting this month
metres used:  1114m
Stash neutral?  No!  +5.5 x 50g balls

In Beekeeper news, I had a lovely month of puff knitting – I came out nicely ahead of target, with 39 puffs done.  And all but 3 were knitted with yarns given to me by friends and family (thanks Mum, Bells, MadMad and Jilly) – this really is going to be a community quilt!



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12 responses to “Stash Honesty – January 2012

  1. which reminds me, I was stash sorting the other day and found more you! Will get around to posting it. I just love how you're maintaining momentum with this!

  2. DrK

    of course souvenir yarn doesnt count. im even thinking someone elses destash doesnt count. youre just helping them out right?! im surprised youre still working on hexapuffs. i guess they are good little portable things. i would have thrown the whole thing out by nows, so i admire your perseverence!

  3. Crikey I'm behind the times here. 1) Love your new shoes! 2) Yay for your sexy puffs though the more I see them the more tempted I am by that insane pattern 3) I thought I might be all about the shawls this year but your list of cardis is fab – go with sea tangles soon won't you? It's so cool

  4. Those puffs are coming along nicely. The Rowan yarn looks lovely and soft.

  5. I do worry about people who come here to look at the 'sexy' puffs. I bet it isn't what they thought it was going to be. Souvenir wool doesn't count, broken biscuits have no calories and neither does food eaten late at night!!Well done on knitting 39!!

  6. I don't think you're stash positive, I have to say – a destash of someone else is, well, just helping out a friend, and yarn with a purpose is, well, yarn with a purpose. Especially sock yarn that is for someone else's feet. Totally not for you. So I'd go ahead and claim stash neutral.

  7. This is such a modest splurge – I think you've got out of the habit of yarn-buying. I'm at the stage where I want a photo of a HEAP of hexapuffs. May we have one soon?

  8. I feel your pain, I have been on quite a yarn buying spree this past month,, much I haven't shown. But as I have been restrained everywhere else I think I am fine. Love your purchases. Have a great weekend,Meredith

  9. Ann

    Love those puffs. I wish I have the patience to knit them. My resolution this year is to knit from stash.

  10. Heh. I've had a stash negative month, amazingly enough. Haven't purchased ANY yarn. Go figure.Anyway, congratulations on the excellent sexypuff month. šŸ™‚

  11. del

    So where are we on the puff count? Maybe you can do a puff post for us, lol.I love the other colors of yarn you bought, so calming.

  12. Yay for hexipuffs! I am at 52 now … only 2448 to go!

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