Could I be a prouder knitter?

(Two posts in two days!  I know!  But I had to share this!)

Connor isn’t much of a talker (yet?).  His vocabulary mainly consists of “mum” and “dad” (and variations of both), “Nanna”, “nana” (banana) and “teddy” (pronounced ted-deeeeeeeeee).  And of course, “no” (nao!).  And the rest is pointing and grunting and the happy noise when I correctly guess whatever it is that he wants.

Yesterday, we went outside to get the clothes off the line.  Well, that was my plan anyway.  Connor decided he didn’t want to do that, and with the handful of cars he had (yes, he carries his cars with him everywhere) he stood near the outside table and kept saying “NingNing, NingNing”.  I didn’t quite get what he wanted, because I was trying to convince him to climb up the stairs with me to the backyard and clothesline.

So he put his cars on the table and ran inside and climbed onto my lounge chair and looked over the side to where I keep my knitting (out of his reach).  And then it clicked – NingNing!  Knitting!  He wanted me to get my knitting and sit with him at the table outside!

Could I be a prouder knitter/mother?!

So the washing didn’t get taken off the line (until later, thanks Husby) but we had a pleasant half hour sitting at the table, me knitting, him driving his cars back and forth.  I cannot think of a better way to pass the time!



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28 responses to “Could I be a prouder knitter?

  1. DrK

    thats our boy! good to see he has his priorities right and is so supportive of his mums creativity πŸ™‚

  2. Gorgeous! So great. That's heartwarming.

  3. jp

    My heart just melted.You must of been delighted.Yay Connor.

  4. Isn't it great that he has such pleasurable early associations for knitting?

  5. Oh, I'm a tiny bit teary that he knows knitting!! That's just lovely and I think there should be more knitting with roads in your future!!

  6. That's a lovely story. Sounds like Connor is enjoying your knitting too.

  7. Well done you – that careful training is definitely paying off πŸ™‚ Seriously though that's such a lovely portrait of a little boy who knows what happiness is about!

  8. Thanks for sharing that. How lovely that he understands that knitting is as important to you as his cars are to him!

  9. OK, honey, that is good on soooo many levels you just don't know it: not only did he SAY knitting, he WANTED you to DO it, AND you didn't have to play WITH him. That is just the best boy ever! Seriously. Now come fix mine!

  10. Okay, you get the award for cutest story of the day. He is so sweet.Meredith

  11. Smart kid. Make Momma happy and she'll make you happy!

  12. del

    Oh my, that is SO sweet. Must train mine better…

  13. amy

    Aw!!I used to sneak in some knitting on the deck while my boys played in the sandbox (also on the deck). Sanity time, is what that is!!

  14. This made me smile. Yay for Connor!

  15. Awww, so cute. Made me smile and go mushy

  16. Awwwwwwwww… the sweetest.

  17. Love it! πŸ™‚ Just enjoy!

  18. He is so clever! You have trained him well!!

  19. aww, what a gorgeous moment! thanks for sharing…i love that he obviously associates you knitting with his mum-connor time too

  20. Damn! That's so cute! My stupid non-working ovaries just sighed a little, I swear they did.Ning ning! Dying!

  21. This Grandmum just got tears in her eyes!

  22. What a wonderful connection and clearly Connor doesn't miss a trick!

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