Foxy Loxy

Another one bites the dust!  Yes, I have finished the second of my pre-2012 wips. It was a relief to get these socks off the sticks.  And I haven’t even started a new project to celebrate fnishing these!  (yet – ha!)

Pattern:  Fox Faces by Nancy Bush.  I quite enjoyed knitting these – I love the vikkel braid, although I have to say that the description she gives in this (free) pattern is not particularly helpful.  Fortunately, I have done one before and so pulled out the pattern, from Nancy’s excellent Knitting on the Road, and used the much more helpful detailed instructions and diagrams.

I also love a sock with a plain back and patterned front.  I really liked the extra ribbing for the first few repeats, helps keep the sock up and just another nice detail. As is the eye of partridge heel – my favourite!

Yarn:  Wollmeise Twin in Aquarius (a We’re Different skein) – 98g.  I love this yarn – shows a pattern so well and just feels wonderful on.  And machine washes so well, I am never nervous about putting my wollmeise socks in the machine.

Sticks:  I used 2.75mm KnitPicks harmony fixed circs for the rib and vikkel braid, and changed to 2.5mm for the rest of the sock.

Time:  30 July 2011 – 13 February 2012.

Modifications:  I did my sock over 64 stitches (rather than 60) – I added an extra purl bump between the lace repeats and 2 extra stitches on the back.  I also did a twisted rib, because I like the way it looks.  Otherwise made as written. Yay Nancy Bush! 

I’m not sure I can see the fox faces though.



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25 responses to “Foxy Loxy

  1. god that colour is so good. Really beautiful pair of socks. I think a lot of people didn't like them so much but it sounds like you did. The detail is so great. It's all come together beautifully! Hooray for getting pre-2012 projects off the needles!

  2. DrK

    i was not a fan of this pattern at all, but youve made them look so lovely and delicate, ive changed my mind. of course that gorgeous colour and beautiful yarn helps!

  3. Lovely. As I've said before, I think knitting these socks is a bit like knitting a sampler – they have a number of interesting techniques and variations to try.

  4. Beautiful socks! If I stand on my head I can see the fox faces upside down. Could be the blood rushing to my head or my vivid imagination though.

  5. With a pattern name like that, how can the socks not be great? Terrific colour!

  6. I think that I can see fox faces, but it is a bit like looking at a constellation rather than an actual face. Beautiful socks!

  7. I'd heard so many whinges about this pattern that I'd struck it of the list but yours are so bee-oo-tiful I may have to revisit that decision.2012 was going to be the year of the sock [ last big round of socks was 2008 ] but so far socks 0, shawls 5

  8. Oh so beautiful! Lovely job – love the length of them. And that delumptious yarn. You're a finishing queen these days!

  9. love that colour too! I'd never heard of this pattern? you've done a great job of it

  10. They're gorgeous – both the pattern and the color! Good for you, getting another project checked off the list!

  11. I love your gorgeous green socks, and I think the fox faces are upside down, you have to look at them when you are wearing them. I like EOP heels too!!

  12. I love this pattern. I just printed it out and am going to see what I have on hand to give it a whirl.I've done a vikkel braid before and I like the way they look but found them to be a bit of a pita until you get it.I've never made any wollmeise socks. I've never been bothered to get up (or stay up) for their shop updates!

  13. Yay Rose! Another finished project and a sweet success. Good on you!!

  14. del

    Those are gorgeous! So proud of you for finishing another WIP.

  15. Gorgeous socks! I quite enjoyed this pattern and all the different techniques. I think you have to shift your eye over half a repeat to see the fox faces. Because you've added your purl stitch in between the lace repeats they are not so obvious.If that makes sense?

  16. Ann

    Beautiful pair of socks ! I know the feeling of finishing the second sock.

  17. amy

    Well I'm glad you mentioned about the faces because I wasn't sure where the name was coming from. ๐Ÿ™‚ They're beautiful, well done you for getting another project done!

  18. You have a beautiful pair of socks there, well done! And the colour is simply stunning, gotta love the Wollmeise ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. The look really lovely. Well done.

  20. You are talking me into doing those socks – seriously good socks you are showing us!

  21. Totally love these socks!

  22. They are lovely, I can see the foxes! Thank you for visiting my new blog, i am glad to be back! x

  23. They are lovely, I can see the foxes! Thank you for visiting my new blog, i am glad to be back! x

  24. Yay for finished Foxy Loxy's, the are beautiful!

  25. There are so many lovely stitch patterns in these Jane, pretty colour and socks.

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