I must BEE crazy – or am I?

I had a good month in February – even though it was a short month, I managed to crank out 37 sexypuffs for my Beekeeper’s Quilt.  Helped in no small part by Connor insisting I bring my NingNing with me when I sit with him at his little table while he “draws”, and so on!

Just for LynS, here is a shot of all the puffs done so far – all 244 of them (well, actually, there are 18 missing, I found an extra ziplock bag after I’d put them all away again!).

And I thought I may as well lay them all out, so I can check my calculations of how many puffs I need to make.  So 226 puffs makes roughly a 77cm/30″ square – with 14 puffs in the columns downwards, and 16 puffs across.

So if I want a QS quilt – which is about 150cm x 200cm, that means I’d need about 4 times this many puffs…which gives me around 900 puffs!  That’s a lot different to 1829!!  Wow!  Maybe this will only be a 2.5 year plan, rather than a 5 year one!  Not so crazy after all …

So far, I have knitted with 14 different yarns, many of which were donated by lovely knitting friends. To help me remember what yarns and what colours I’ve used, as well as the source of the yarn and how many puffs I have in that colour, I have made some “colour cards” where I can keep a sample and notes.  Some of the samples are very small (I usually cut them after I’ve used up as much yarn as I can for the puffs!).

My favourite yarn so far is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Lightweight – gosh this is a smooshy sproingy lovely yarn.  It is truly lush.  Such a lovely yarn to knit with.

Similar to the STR is Colinette Jitterbug.  Mmmmm yum.  I’ve also enjoyed knitting with Handmaiden Casbah and Plucky Knitter – those merino cashmere blends are just so soft.  And for depth of colour, of course, you know what I’m going to say … you can’t go past the Wollmeise!

It’s been fascinating to compare the different yarns, and a delight to try some I hadn’t knitted with previously (mmmmMalabrigo Sock, I’m looking at you!). 

Any thoughts on the random puff arrangement?  Maybe that is the way to go, rather than a specific pattern.  I suppose I still have plenty of time to consider this, since I’m only 6 months into this project!



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22 responses to “I must BEE crazy – or am I?

  1. that's a vastly different number! When I was reading that I thought for sure you were going to say that you were about ready to call it quits and stick with something smaller (which I think would be a perfectly valid decision!).I do like the patterns when you play around with them. But the random seems oddly more interesting. Who knows which way you'll go.Must send more red yarn.

  2. DrK

    i love the colour cards, such a great idea to keep track. the wollmeise reall does stand out doesnt it, i think shes the best for reds. as a lover of my ravelry red malabrigo socks tho, i can tell you that yarn wears really well and is suitably smooshy. i am looking forward to seeing 900 of these laid out on your bed with connor rolling in them.

  3. This is going to look amazing! I love how committed you are to this wonderful long-term project, and that so many of the sexypuffs are leftovers and hand-me-downs, just like a vintage patchwork quilt. I'm sure this will become an heirloom too.I have had to crack open a fourth skein of Vatican Pie for my cardi so there will be more Jitterbug comign your way soon!

  4. Thank you, Jane. It's great to see them all in a pile together. And such good news that you need to knit only a thousand or so! I'm for randomness in their organisation, but don't decide yet. Part of the fun of making this must be planning, and changing your mind, and planning again.

  5. Ooh you're tempting me to try this again! Though I haven't finished my first ever blanket – v quick and relatively large granny squares yet so I'd better keep away a while yet! It is so truly glorious though and I love your shade card/source item idea.

  6. Wow, that is coming along fast! I love hearing about the different yarns you're using!

  7. It is gorgeous, have to say! I think the random might work best?And hurrah for halving numbers!!

  8. amy

    I think the yarn comparison–and the fact you're keeping notes, which impresses me no end–might be the most interesting part! It's like knitting archeology, but in real time!

  9. del

    I am so impressed by your output AND organization! The puffs are so cute!I like random but maybe when you're finished with all the puffs, you'll be able to see a pattern then?

  10. I have never really loved any versions of this piece I'e seen but yours is stunning!!! What a brilliant approach…and the cards are just fabulous too!

  11. Your idea of random still has all the stripes parallel. Truly random would have stripes tilted every way. You could play with the orientation of the stripes if you want subtle patterning.Connor wants you to bring your "ningning." How heartbreakingly wonderful! And what a dear, dear boy!

  12. I'm blown away by your Sexypuffs! I love seeing all of gorgeous reds together. If you're still taking donations, I have some lovely Wollmeise Brombeere to contribute. Awwww . . . can I start calling it ningning too?! Connor sounds like such a treat to hang out with.

  13. It's looking amazing! I love the colour cards idea and it's going to be stunning! And stunning a lot sooner by the look of it.

  14. I truly admire your patience. This is going to be a major family heirloom when it's done. Maybe then I'll be inspired to try my own.

  15. Ann

    I love those puffs & I really admire your patience in making them. The color cards are great.

  16. That arrangement of random looks great! Well done on the 244 sexy puffs so far and what a relief there's less to make the complete item than you thought!

  17. Those sexy puffs look fantastic and what a fillip to know you need fewer than you originally thought!! They look wonderful arrayed like that!!

  18. I love all the different reds! I still think it's a crazy project. All those puffs to be connected. That gives me a headache just thinking about it!I'd just reach into a big bag and randomly attach them. Any way you do it, it's going to be beautiful.

  19. This is mighty impressive – dedication wise and looks wise! I so looking forward to seeing it done. And you obviously chose the bestest colour possible – RED!!!!

  20. WOW.. I shouldn't be surprised, but boy you've done a lot. It's all looking really good. I love your yarn sample card too. Well done !

  21. absolutely go with the random … ‘t’will look fabulous

  22. I love the fact that Connor encourages you to knit! You seem to be doing really well with those puffs and what a fun way to try out different yarns.

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