Stash Honesty – February 2012

Can’t let myself get out of the habit of posting every month about my ins and outs!  But just a quickie, I really should be knitting, heh!

I had a bit of a Wollmeise splurge this month – no surprise there, really!  2 grey (maus jung), one black (schwartz) and one lovely purple (madame souris).  Yum yummy yum yum.  Am thinking of some sort of stripey garment for myself…will see!

Apparently there is a terrible epidemic of Bunterism going around my knitting guild group – which of course I also caught after the last meeting. We are making a huge string of bunting for the guild’s display at the Sydney Royal Easter Show this year.

Hopefully getting these four red Bunts out of my system will appease the Bunting Overlords!

In:  12 x 50g balls (d*mn you huge wollmeise skeins!!)
Out: 8 x 50g balls
Metres used: 1058m (YTD: 2172m)
Stash neutral? No! +9.5 x 50g balls.  Oh well, maybe March will be my month!



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13 responses to “Stash Honesty – February 2012

  1. i had a wollmeise splurge too! Black wollmeise must be the thing to have this month.Cute bunts!

  2. DrK

    i cant wait to see the whole bunting, its going to be amazing. even if it will only have four red ones! that wollmeise looks lovely, im tempted to say 'wollmeise doesnt count' but we all know it does. altho maybe it should be a whole separate stash category…

  3. I think I like being a bunting overlord. What a position of power. Anything stripey in grey is wonderful. Anything stripey in Wollmeise grey is even more wonderful.

  4. I am waiting anxiously for Carina Spencer's Poison Oak pattern, promised for this month – that would be the perfect striped sweater for your beautiful new yarn!

  5. Love the red bunting, please take a picture of the whole bunting for us to see. I love gray so much, seems like I use it all the time. Your new yarn is beautiful.Have a great day,Meredith

  6. I always recite Bye Baby Bunting in my mind, that, or think of service stations of my childhood. Your bunting is classy though!!

  7. Oh, that was me, did you guess?? I clicked on the wrong thing!!!

  8. And after the festivities, what happens to the bunting? Will it be saved and re-used for years and years? I'm looking at those nice triangles and thinking what a splendid blanket they would make, all sewn together. But it's snowing outside right now, so of course blankets are the first thing that comes to mind.

  9. Ann

    Those Wollmeise look gorgeous – especially the grey. I was naughty too in Feb & did a couple of purchases.

  10. No-one sane would have resisted that Wollmeise – nice purchasing 🙂

  11. I have never owned Wollmeise, your looks lovely!

  12. Your stash honestly is glorious and plus a few greys will hardly be noticed! I

  13. Bunt mania was in full swing and they are now all strung and ready to be displayed in all their glory at the Royal.

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