Stash Honesty – March 2012

Woopsie…has it really been almost a month since I posted?  And my last post was my stash honesty for last month…oh dear!  I promise I will be a better blogger this month! 

But I do have good news – I have been a very good girl this month (sort of…an overseas order hasn’t arrived yet, heh heh!).  I only bought 1 skein of yarn – which I needed for a project and so have used half of it (that’s all I needed for the project!) plus these little jewels:

I have something in mind for these – I will show you when they are done!

And I gave 6 balls of yarn to my mum, and destashed some laceweight – just by accident – someone contacted me on Rav and asked if she could buy it and I said sure!  Since I’m not going to be knitting much lace in my immediate future…

In:  2 x 50g balls
Out:  6.75 x 50g balls used plus 8 x 50g balls destashed.
Metres used: 897.5m (a short month!) (YTD: 3069.5m)
Stash neutral: OH YES I AM – STASH NEGATIVE!  -5.25 x 50g balls!

(um…I suspect it won’t last for long!)

I will post again soon, I promise!  In the meantime, someone has been having fun playing with my knitting! (Yes, those are my Fox Faces socks he is wearing!)



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13 responses to “Stash Honesty – March 2012

  1. oh they are pretty! I want to know NOW what they will be!Cute hiding pic!

  2. DrK

    well done you! overseas orders dont count anyway. especially ones that are taking FOREVER!! such good taste he has. and i am intrigued by the little balls of colour…..

  3. Thank you for posting again! I love your blog and missed it with your absence!Zoe

  4. That's a brilliant shot! The little guy seriously knows how to appreciate knitting.

  5. The colors you have there are pretty. Is that cotton floss?Appreciation for knitting comes in many flavors. Connor is just showing his love. And I wouldn't let him make a habit of borrowing your socks. That could be a hard habit to break!

  6. amy

    I want to know what those little jewels will be, too.Haven't you made Connor his own socks yet?!?!

  7. del

    I love those colors! I can't believe they aren't ALL red, lol.

  8. He is the sweetest isn't he. How can a Mum get mad when an adorable boy is enjoying knits? Glad you are back.Meredith

  9. Like Kylie, I'm intrigued by the balls of thread at the beginning of your post – cotton for crochet? Love the colours you've chosen. And how restrained you've been on the purchasing front. The calm before the storm?

  10. Ann

    Well done on your negative stash. I still refuse to count my stash but I have been good this year & have been knitting from stash.

  11. I do love how into your knitting Connor is, literally. My bets on something crochet with the thread balls. Let's face it if you're mad enough to go the sexypuffs project, then anything's possible!

  12. Oh but enjoy your stash negative moment in the Sun!! I think you should celebrate by buying some wool you like!!!

  13. Connor has good taste! He made me smile and miss my grandsons at the same time (I will see them tomorrow – hurrah!)

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