Red stripes go faster!

Ever since I saw this MillaMia pattern I’ve wanted to make it for Connor.  So I was most pleased to get it as a freebie in a magazine at last year’s craft fair (not that I’d mind buying the book, they are lovely patterns!)

I’ve been working on it trying to get it done in time so it could go in the Knitters’ Guild display at the Royal Easter Show this year.  Success!  I got it done in plenty of time!

Pattern: Niklas cardigan by MillaMia, from the book Bright Young Things. Nice pattern, easy to follow, all made in pieces – which I didn’t mind – smaller pieces seem to go faster!  (just like red stripes!).  I made the 2-3 yo size.

Yarn:  Even though the MillaMia yarn is lovely, I substituted Morris Paddington, an 80/20 bamboo/merino blend.  Mostly because I had a voucher for Morris & Sons and these colours were perfect!  I used about 1.5 skeins of each of the 3 colours – 634 Lipstick (red), 625 Pearl (silver grey) and 636 Magnetic Grey (charcoal).  I did think about converting the pattern to do seamlessly, but I thought the seams might provide some extra infrastructure to combat bamboo’s tendency to sag.  Fingers crossed!

Sticks:  3mm and 3.25mm KnitPicks Options.

Time:  6 February 2012 – 29 March 2012

Modifications:  I made the body of the cardigan longer – everyone always says you need extra length in knits for babies and toddlers.  And I’m hoping it will fit him for longer than one season.  The extra length (about 5cm/2″) meant I had to add an extra buttonhole, which fortunately worked out to be just at the point where the decreases start for the v-neck of the cardigan.  Nice one!

Of course, as soon as I finished the cardi, we got a wave of warm weather (summer is finally here!  in autumn!), so I don’t have any modelled shots, but I will post some eventually!  I was going to show you a photo of my excellent seaming (it really is so much easier when you can match the stripes!) but the photo I took does not show said excellent seaming…um, the seaming is not quite as even as I thought it was, heh!

And so this year Connor has one new cardi and I have none.  Even though I planned on making myself at least 4 cardis this year!  Heh!  I’d better get a move on, since I haven’t even started the first cardi for myself and it’s already 1/4 of the way through the year!



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19 responses to “Red stripes go faster!

  1. The cardi looks lovely and doesn't the red really bring it to life? Beautiful knitting – good luck at the Easter Show.

  2. Oh, it looks fabulous – you should have entered it. What a shame this sublime sunny weather is not suitable to show it off!

  3. Looks terrific. Love the extra red stripes on the sleeve.

  4. So glad to see it. Lovely sttripes! Lucky Connor. Hope we do see a modeled shot at some point. Ps start a cardi for yourself over Easter!

  5. Love it – the stripes, the colour combination, the unexpected random stripes – all of it. What cardi are you going to start for yourself?

  6. del

    This is the most adorable thing! I love those red stripes on the sleeves. The whole cardigan is just darling.

  7. That is a gorgeous knit. It's a perfect little boy cardigan. I'm glad you're going to enter it in the show. Now, I have to find out about my state show and actually enter something.

  8. So darned cute – and I love the color choices! It's going to be a hit at the fair, I just know!

  9. amy

    Grace can still wear sweaters I made her two years ago, because they were long to start with. And I love seeing how the sweater that used to be roomy now fits just right but looked good all along!He's going to look like quite the Boy in this, I think, and not a little boy so much. Can't wait to see it modeled.(Good luck in the Easter display!!)

  10. Kids sweaters are such a treat to knit! Quick to finish, and sooo cute! You couldn't get a man to wear such a fun sweater.It looks awesome. Good job!

  11. The cardi is perfect even if you think the seams aren't all that perfect. I love the stripes of red on the sleeves, Connor will look so adorable in it. By the way my seams always seem to be terrible, Oh weel hopefully people are looking at my sweater not under my arm!Have a great day,Meredith

  12. oh, it's lovely! your knitting is so neat!! (seams look perfect to me too, btw 😉 )here's hoping there's some cooler weather on the horizon so C can wear his gorgeous new cardi soon

  13. Oh that's so nice! Lucky kid! I think I'd quite fancy a stripey cardi of my own.

  14. Ann

    You have done a beautiful job – gorgeous cardigan & I am sure Connor will look great in it. We are also having summer weather here – 35C !

  15. That is an awesome sweater. I'll bet Connor looks very handsome in it. Now it is time for knit for yourself!

  16. It's a great cardi and red stripes do go faster. I think Connor will appreciate the new cardi, but I think you should be next!!

  17. DrK

    This is such a cute little knit, the colours are stunning. I think its a real highlight of the display and will look gorgeous on him!

  18. cute.. cute.. cute… 😀 love it!

  19. I love this funky boy cardigans. Well done!

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