Going around in circles

Remember a while ago I showed you this picture?

Well now is the time for the “big” reveal (it’s probably not that exciting, heh!).

As you know, I have been teaching crochet.  I thought it only appropriate that I should wear something I made to each of the classes (there are 3 separate sessions).  I was good for the first and second sessions (boteh scarf to the first, and my super special birthday skirt to the second). But I needed a third, and I remembered this fabulous Japanese book I bought ages ago with thread crochet accessories. 

And so for lesson three, this was my crochet piece:

And the students loved it!  I showed a couple of them how to make it, and got all inspired by the shop’s stock of Perle 8 cotton and picked out my new jewels!

So these three were born:

If you look closely, you’ll see they are each slightly different.  The silver grey is the same as the red – so in accordance with the pattern.

The pewter grey alternates small and large circles:

While the sunshine yellow has a longer chain between the circles:

Details (just quickly!)
Pattern:  “p.86 Necklace” (no idea what the Japanese is, this is what it is called in Rav!), from the book which Rav tells me is called Thread Crochet Plants, by knot.  (ISBN978-4-07-257058-6) Modifications to some as noted above.
Yarn:  Red used size 20 crochet thread, the rest use Perle 8 mercerized cotton – about 3-4g of each colour. The pattern in the book I think uses size 60 thread (so much finer) but I think it works nicely in a slightly thicker cotton as well.
Hook: For the red, I used 1.25mm, for the rest I used a 1.5mm hook.
Time: A few hours for each.

This is a great demonstration of the versatility of crochet, I think. I love being able to take a pattern like this and give it a few tweaks.  And this book is so full of inspiration, there are a few more pieces I wanted to try out as well.  I still have the blue and orange/red “jewels” to play with, so expect to see more!



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17 responses to “Going around in circles

  1. DrK

    these are just fantastic. having seen them on an actual person on the weekend, and your lovely earrings, i am very impressed. such beautiful work, and lovely colours. even if it is the craft that can not be named. heh.

  2. What a great idea. I think you're on a nice crusade to show the versatility and beauty of crochet. These are just so lovely! And I like the small variations!

  3. Jan

    These are lovely and would make great gifts.

  4. As the very lucky recipient of the grey and yellow neckpieces, I can attest to their wonderfulness. It's been enough to inspire me to try to resurrect my very ancient crocheting skills.

  5. amy

    Now, see, there are certain things that crochet just does better than knitting. This is one of them. I want to make some of those!!

  6. My knitting/crocheting group only seems to want to use big fat yarns. I need to show them these so they can see how versatile they can be if/when they branch out a little.They're beautiful.

  7. Very cute! That would make a great class! I bet they were thrilled!

  8. del

    I think it's a great idea to wear what you've made to each class! And these necklaces are adorable — fantastic job.

  9. As one who falls solidly into the crotched-loving camp, just have to say these are lovely and highlight the good that crochet can do in a bad, bad world!List Addict

  10. These are beautiful! I really need to learn to crochet…

  11. so chic – I love them! the colours are just wonderful together. lucky class people, learning from you 🙂

  12. Ann

    Those necklaces look great. I am sure your class is popular as you are such a great teacher. I will want to attend if it's in the Perth shop.

  13. clever cookie – gotta love charted crochet. The Japanese were the first to develop/use it [ back in the 80s I think ] and I remember being totally overwhelmed the first time I saw a Japanese charted design – pineapple doily from memory. Now it makes perfect sense.

  14. There were lots of these necklaces at the craft fair, you are very clever to be 'on trend'. I love that you wore crocheted things to inspire the class!!

  15. Those are very pretty. I can see how they'd look great with lots of outfits.It seems like crochet is getting more respect these days!

  16. I love the pattern, such nice colours too. How great to teach crochet!

  17. You are totally rock'n crochet Jane. These are beautifully simple. I can't wait to see what you do with the orange and navy.

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