Little heads need little hats

So two of the mums in my mothers group have had new little people recently (and there are three more in progress!!  Yes, it’s about that time, the 2 year itch, heh heh).

So I whipped up a little hat for each! All babies deserve a hand knit hat, right?

Patterns: For the pink flavour, I used Easy Peasy Newborn Sock hat, by Keri McKiernan.  I modified it a bit as I used sport weight/5ply yarn rather than fingering/4ply – I just decreased down to 81 stitches after about an inch.

For the blue, I used the Very Basic Baby Beanie by Janet D. Russell.  I also modified this by casting on 80 stitches rather than the pattern’s 72 stitches, as I wanted it a little larger. It is a wee bit pointy at the top, I perhaps should have finished a row sooner, but I wanted to keep the stripes even.

Yarn:  I used Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino for both.  It’s a nice soft machine washable yarn, perfect for what I wanted!  And since it was in the stash…I used 23g of the fuchsia, and about 30g in total of navy and two pale blues.

Sticks:  3mm KnitPicks Harmony Options for the pink, and the blue ribbing, and 3.5mm for the blue stripes.

Time:  18-20 March for the pink, 18-21 April for the blue.

I’d better get cracking on 3 more! 



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19 responses to “Little heads need little hats

  1. DrK

    good lord people, stop with the babies already!! they are awfully cute though, and im sure they will be greatly appreciated. mmmm cashmerino….

  2. oh the always lovely baby hat as a newborn gift. Perfect. I kinda like the pointiness. I bet it looks sweet on.

  3. Cute little hats! What could be better (well, little shoes are also pretty darned cute…).

  4. Oh a baby in a knitted hat is about the cutest thing in the world. You are lovely to make these darling hats up for these sweet new babies.Have a great day,Meredith

  5. Love the stripes color combo! Perfect stash busting! And I'm so envious on the babies-to-knit for front. I'm almost at the point where I'm running up to pregnant strangers…

  6. del

    You're right, all babies need a handknit hat. Those are so cute! I love baby knitting simply because it usually goes so fast.

  7. What precious kid lids! And in Cashmerino? Oooo! Those mommies will be tickled silly!

  8. amy

    Every mums group needs at least one knitter to provide the handknit hats! I love the i-cord knot, it was my favorite topper when I was making new-baby hats too.

  9. both gorgeous 🙂 lovely colours

  10. Hee hee all the round two bubs in my Mamma's group got varations on the umbilical or helix hats! I think they're the perfect baby gift- all bubs need a snuggly little hat, especially in winter, there are fewer washing issues (compared to say a cardigan that may get worn once, thrown up on then outgrown before mum gets round to handwashing it!) and they're super quick to do too. Perfect! These are lovely, I especially like the stripey blue one. Have I mentioned my love of stripes on little boys?!

  11. Hats are such perfect small knits. Always needed, lots of opportunity for variation on a theme, and when destined for babies, very cute.

  12. You can't top a baby in a cute hand-knitted beanie, in my book. Lovely job!

  13. Ann

    The hats look so cute & I love the red one. Baby knits are so enjoyable as they are quick.

  14. Cute, cute hats… 🙂

  15. Such lovely little hats!! And a hat is always welcome and new baby families can't really go wrong either!!

  16. My two are almost exactly two years apart–there is something about that spacing!I'm sure your adorable hats will be get much loving wear.

  17. Hey RR, is it possible for me to commission you to make to hats for my cousins little ones. Dylan and Leroy. Leroy is having a really hard time just on the day to day things that we take for granted. His big brother is 2 and I thought it would be cute to have matching hats for them. Anyhow let me know if it is a possibility. Cheers for now Sue

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