To market, to market!

A few years ago, I bought some hemp yarn – it was on sale, and I was interested to try it. I finally made some time to do this earlier this year! A market bag seemed ideal – but which one!! There are so many patterns out there, and most of them free.

I am glad I settled on this one:

Pattern: Ilene Bag, by Hannah Ingalls. I really like this pattern for a few reasons – it has a solid (stocking stitch) base, it has an easy pattern, and a nice open weave without being too open – even when stretched. It has a ribbed edge on the top, which is stretchy but not too open, and it has a ribbed handle which doesn’t stretch too much. Oh, and no seaming! And did I mention it is a free pattern?!

It’s a tricky thing, with a market bag, to make it stretch but not too much – you don’t want it dragging around your ankles when it is full of goodies. This one is, dare I say it, pretty much perfect – a nice size, but not too huge and cumbersome.

Yarn: Hemp for Knitting Allhemp6, about 1.75 skeins in colour 21, a lovely periwinkle sort of blue. I’ll be honest, it is hard on the hands, and I could only knit a few rounds with it at a time when I was doing the mesh part of the bag, but it feels really nice once knit up, and I know it will wash well (I haven’t washed it yet, given I haven’t actually used it yet!)

Sticks: 3.5 and 4mm KnitPicks Harmony Options. The ribbing and handles is done on the smaller needles, which is a great idea.

Time: 25 January 2012 – 25 April 2012. It had a little rest while it was part of the Easter Show display this year (I tucked the unfinished handle inside, so no-one was any the wiser that it wasn’t finished!

Modifications: None at all! I’m really quite pleased with this bag. I think I’m going to use it as my project bag for my TdF project, actually! And I’m very pleased to have used up some yarn from stash!



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14 responses to “To market, to market!

  1. DrK

    there is nothing not love about this project, it just looks so great, and i am totally going to make one! LOVE IT!!

  2. I think this is the best market bag pattern I've seen – enhanced (of course) by your execution of the pattern! Colour is good, too. Excellent.

  3. Ann

    I love the bag too. I have been wanting to make one for a long time but just did not get around to it. Yours look great.

  4. Yay for stash-busting, especially when the end product is so nice! Well done!

  5. I've always wanted to make one but was afraid it would be boring and would sit half finished forever. I like yours and now will have to search out some hemp to give it a try.

  6. And the pattern is free, you say? What's not to love? Bravo, good job!

  7. That's really lovely – do you think it would work as well in cotton?

  8. great bag. Did you love working with the yarn? So many market bag patterns have big holes in them, I love the way this one looks.Have a great weekend,Meredith

  9. i really, really like that! I've always admired your bags. One of these days I'll actually follow your lead!

  10. Love it. Was it like knitting with jute?

  11. Totally groovy! Love it!:-)

  12. I love it…for all the reason's you've listed! The nice wide strap is very appealing, for comfort and sturdiness

  13. Pretty! And it looks like a nice size, too. I designed one that takes one ball of AllHemp6 (for a single skein club). It's just big enough, but 2 skeins would have been easier to work with.

  14. Very lovely, and happy knitcycling x

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