Welcome to my new home!

I’ve been renovating this space for a while, and I’m still not entirely sure I’m happy with it, but one of the good things about WordPress is the ease of changing the “theme” (I know, I’ve done it a few times already!).

But one space we’ve renovated recently which I’m very happy with is our bathroom!

For some unknown reason, the bathroom in our house (the only bathroom, although we do have a spare toilet) had no storage, apart from the small mirror cabinet.  NO STORAGE!  In a family house, that’s just crazy!  So we always intended to re-do the bathroom at some point, but when we discovered the shower was leaking, we decided to bring our plans forward.


And thank goodness we did – our bathroom guys discovered the floor in the bathroom was chipboard!!  Chipboard!  In a bathroom!  He said we were lucky we didn’t fall through the floor of the shower!  So we went from a leaking shower, no storage, pale blue floor tiles which show ALL the dirt:


to a lovely new lots of storage, clean, neat bathroom:


We couldn’t do much with the layout, without spending a fortune redoing the plumbing, but I’m really happy with the space we have, and most especially the storage!  The storage! Six huge drawers and a four door mirror cabinet. 


Yay for new bathroom and new blogspace.  I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate my blogthday!



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24 responses to “Welcome to my new home!

  1. DrK

    oh wow! so much shiny! love the new blog space and the bathroom looks great. those cupboards are amazing! ive never seen a 4 door mirror cabinet before. im in awe. and welcome to wordpress. it gets easier.

  2. Happy blogthday!

    Your new bathroom looks lovely.

  3. noice! both reno’s look great, RoseRed. The bathroom storage is mighty impressive, and the clean lines of the blog are lovely 🙂

    (I’m just about to upload a new post and new look to my little space today too – i swear I’m not copying you!)

  4. Yarna

    Love the bathroom! Especially the nice splashes of red!

  5. The new bathroom looks beautiful …. very stylish and upmarket looking. Happy blogthday too – may there be many more.

  6. We have a bathroom like yours, though ours is un-renovated bar painting the walls!! I love your new bathroom look, especially the splashes of red!!
    Happy Blog Anniversary and I love your new look, it’s white so in the night when I read your blog now it will illuminate my keyboard!! Nice sexypuff header!!

  7. sue

    Ooh everything looks lovely, crisp and white and so nice!

  8. Bells

    Welcome to WordPress! So Much fun to play around with the layout. And your bathroom looks very, very nice. Much improved!

  9. I love your beautiful new space(s)! What a great feeling it must be to have everything the way you want and need it. And Happy Blogthday too 🙂

  10. Rachel

    Yay for new bathrooms and blogspace! Both look wonderful!

  11. Madmad

    That last one was me…!

  12. Happy new everything 🙂

  13. amy

    Oh, WordPress. I wish I liked it more. But yay for the new bathroom! Our first house had one bathroom with no storage whatsoever. When we moved I wanted a closet and extra toilets, and we have both. Isn’t it lovely?!

  14. travellersyarn

    Love the new colour scheme – I’m a friend of the red front door! Love the new bathroom – need dark floor tiles!

  15. It looks great! There can’t be too much storage.

  16. Welcome to your new blog home and congratulations on your upgraded bathroom. You did a great job finding space for storage!

    I have my jewelry blog on WP and I find it much harder than Blogger.

  17. 1morerow

    Your new bathroom looks great & I love lots of storage in my bathroom too. Love your new blog – simple & elegant.

  18. I love your new home, both virtual, and the one you have renovated! Bathroom is stunning. Especially love me a red front door. Have always wanted a red door. Showed Scott yours, and he’s finally convinced! Hooray!

  19. Hiya, love the new blog – and great banner photo – is it a beehive quilt?
    Super bathroom – just at the start of our new bathroom project – seems quite daunting but I’m sure worth it in the end!

    Have a happy week.
    Fleur xx

    • Hi Fleur – yes, it’s my Beekeeper Quilt – just the puffs though, I haven’t joined them yet, still have lots to make! Hope the bathroom goes well, definitely worth it!

  20. I like the new home! And the bathroom looks great. 🙂

  21. It looks lovely – I particularly like the red touches on the neutral+chocolate background 🙂 Yay for fixing things up properly! (Something my house needs too)

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