Tour de France – week 1 down

Week one of the Tour de France has passed us by, and after a heap of terrible crashes on the flat stages, last night the riders moved into the mountains, and as they like to say in sports commentary, the big boys really came out to play! Heh, sports commentary is a bit ridiculous when you think too much about it, isn’t it. I am, of course, cheering for Cadel Evans to repeat his victory, and I’m also cheering for the GreenEdge team, being the first Australian team in the Tour. They have had a pretty good run so far, hopefully they will keep it up.

Anyway, thought I’d give a quick update on my Tour! I’m on quite the crochet kick at the moment, I can’t stop thinking about new crochet projects (it really is so much quicker than knitting!). So I’ve got two TdF projects – a cowl (which I’ll tell you about another time!) and a motif stole. I initially thought I might finish the stole during the Tour, but I think that was probably optimistic!

But it’s going well so far, it has grown by another 10 motifs since I took this photo, so I’m pretty happy. And if you like this project, you can sign up for a class and learn how to make it!



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10 responses to “Tour de France – week 1 down

  1. Ok 2nd try at commenting!

    I havent seen enough of the tour. Will try to catch up on highlights at least.

    That’s such a lovely piece. Very I pressed. I need more crochet in my life.

  2. DrK

    i am so loving the tour this year, can he do it? ( yes he can!). and your kind of matching-tour-colour motifs are so cute, cant wait to see how this turns out. im so pleased your teaching is going well too!

  3. amy

    Really enjoying the Tour, but oy, the crashes!! We get Phil Liggett here and he seems quite a bit more rambly this year, but the Tour wouldn’t be the same without his commentary! (Nice motifs, too! They look so cheery.)

  4. Madmad

    Oh, I’d love to sign up for a class with you! Think I could manage the commute?

  5. I can’t decide if you’ve seduced me in to admiring crochet by the colours in this project, or whether it’s the crochet itself. Either way, I really like this. And TdF? Cadel is riding so well and so confidently, but with the time trial tonight in which Wiggins will probably gain more time, I can’t see how Cadel can make up the time without an absolutely stunning mountain finish somewhere. Froome is proving to be the joker in the pack for Wiggins. I’m already suffering sleep deprivation but the Tour’s just been too engaging to abandon.

  6. 1morerow

    Love the motif stole. I am attempting a crochet shawl with the help of a friend. Have been watching bits of TDF as I love the scenery.

  7. I will admit that I’ve been watching more tennis (Wimbledon) while at the gym than cycling. I haven’t seen any of the Tour but I’ve been doing my own spinning quite smoothly with only one minor crash. The treadle on my wheel broke but my road team fixed it with only a few hours lag time! Yay for roadies!

  8. Oh I wish I could crochet, your stole is so pretty!

  9. Love the motifs and they all look so different even though they are the same!! Happy knitting and hope there are no spills!!

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