Better late than never

I thought I’d take the opportunity during this year’s Tour de France to post my TdFKAL project from last year!!  Yes, you heard right, I haven’t posted it yet – even though I actually did finish it during the Tour!  A problem of photography…I did have a quick photo shoot last year but the photos were not good (husby not the most patient photographer!) and for various reasons I didn’t get another chance until recently.

But now, I present to you:

My Lanesplitter Swirl skirt!

  A mash-up of Lanesplitter by Tina Whitmore, and Swirl Skirt by AnneLena Mattison.  I love the look of the Lanesplitter but wasn’t so fond of the honking big seam up the side, especially as it means the diagonal stripes don’t match at the point of the seam.  The Swirl Skirt has a very neat construction method to avoid that issue – a provisional cast on!  So simple!  All you have to do is work out how many stitches to cast on (in my case, 136), to ensure the skirt is the desired length, and then when you’ve finished knitting according to the Lanesplitter pattern, you kitchener graft the stitches to the cast on stitches!  So much neater!

Yarn:  Noro Kureyon col 188 – just under 4 x 50g balls and Morris Pure in Sooty – just under 5 x 50g skeins.  The pattern uses all Noro yarn for the stripes, but I preferred the look of using the Noro for the garter stripes and a plain contrast yarn for the stocking stitch stripes.  And these two yarns are a really good match, construction-wise.

Sticks:  4mm KnitPicks Harmony options.  The Lanesplitter pattern suggests 6mm sticks!  But I was concerned that a skirt knit with such a loose gauge would suffer from the dreaded bum sag, as well as pill more easily.  I am really happy with the tighter fabric.  And the beauty of the seamless construction is that the skirt is entirely reversible, which also avoids the butt sag issue!

Time:  2 – 24 July 2011.

Yay for knitted skirts! Although if you’d asked me a few years ago whether I thought I’d ever wear a skirt I’d knitted myself, I am pretty sure my answer would have been a resounding “no way!”.  Ha, if knitting has taught me anything, it is to never say never!



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14 responses to “Better late than never

  1. DrK

    This is the best knitted skirt I’ve ever seen. Gorgeous colours, beautifully knitted, as always. You look great in, and it looked totally hot with those boots the other day! Thank Dog you posted it finally!

  2. well there you go, I had completely forgotten about this one – but wow. Very effective. And the construction method just makes SO much sense. Who would want a seam and stripes that don’t match up? It’s just beautiful and those killer boots are amazing!

  3. Madmad

    That is gorgeous, Jane! And you look great in it. My photogs aren’t the most patient, either. And my new model (because everything looks better on a 15 year old!) is even worse – 100 shots, and 98 have eye rolls….

  4. I’d say no way I’d ever wear a knitted skirt either, until I saw that one on you. It’s gorgeous and looks like it would hold up well (I dread the butt sag as well).

    Why would anyone want stripes that didn’t match up? How disjointed would that look?

  5. amy

    Wow but do you ever look fabulous in that skirt and those boots! Go you!!

  6. Loving that skirt SO MUCH. It really is the perfect bias skirt, and because it’s bias you’re going to get less fit issues as the drape is just perfect.

    You know there are sewers out there who would kill for a fabric like that! I’m one of them!

  7. That’s a great skirt!

    Although I think I’m still in the “heck no, I’ll never knit a skirt” camp.

    It might change. Who knows?

  8. 1morerow

    Gorgeous skirt & looks so good with those matching boots. I will say the same now – I’ll never knit a skirt” but who knows?

  9. I love this skirt. So so much. The colours are perfect, the knitting is perfect, the fit is perfect. Its just perfect. Go you!

  10. This skirt worked so well – a reward for planning and making sensible mods to the pattern and yarn choice. Love the pink/green/grey combination. And in only three weeks (bar the photography)? a real yellow jersey achievement.

  11. Oh it’s so lovely and I do think the Noro garter stitch rows look great, especially against the greyer background. Very clever not to have a honking great seam (!!!)

  12. kgirlknits


    like you from a few years back, I had not contemplated a knitted skirt…until now!!

  13. You did a fantastic job with this skirt Jane. It fits you well, it looks great on you, and equally great was using Noro yarn. Smart mods too!

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