Rav-thingummajig 2012

Well thank goodness the Olympics are here, to cure my post TdF blues! I enjoyed the Opening Ceremony (if not the excessive amount of ads and cutting out what seemed like half the countries in the athletes parade, thanks very much Channel 9, NOT).

Highlights for me were the Czech Republics gumbies and brollies (obviously prepared for an English “summer”!), the cauldron comprised of the 204 petals – one for each country competing, the NHS celebration and dancers, Mary Poppins defeating Voldemort, and David Beckham looking exceedingly hot cursing down the Thames (and I’m not even a huge fan, but he really turned it on!). And of course Mr Bean and James Bond. Nicely done, London!

And despite the hoo-ha cause by the US Olympic Committee’s objection to the Ravelympics, I have signed up for the now-renamed Ravellenic Games. I’m entering two events, the Modular Relay and Holiday Hurdles.

For Holiday Hurdles, I am going to make a bunch of Christmas decorations. I had planned at the start of this year to make 24 decorations – one for each stocking in my advent calendar. That’s inky 2 per month! And how many have I actually made…one! So I’m aiming to catch up or even get ahead. I’ve got out my yarn and threads:

And I’ve got out a bunch of pattern books (and I have more on Ravelry):

so I’m pretty much ready to go on that one!

And for Modular Relay I am going to do a gold-edged sexypuff for each event in which an Australian wins a gold medal! I hope it doesn’t sound too unpatriotic if I kind of hope they win the same (or fewer) than last Olympics! (14 gold – I checked before I made that entry, heh heh).

Go Australia!



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11 responses to “Rav-thingummajig 2012

  1. drk

    oh yes thank dog for ‘lympics. i was starting to have extreme sport withdrawals. i though the ceremony was pretty good too, loved the tribute to english contemporary music dance party part in particular! i havent entered anything formally but i think i will get a pair of socks done, without even meaning to! im hoping you dont have to knit too many gold trimmed puffs either. not being patriotic at all, im hoping strange countries ive never heard of beat us in everything 🙂

  2. I liked the Industrial Revolution bit of the opening ceremony. And the torch-lighting, of course. Most imaginative. I’m not doing any olympics-related knitting – I think I’ll just be knitting on my Rill scarf for the rest of the year. I like both your ideas – particularly the gold-edged puffs. Gold or yellow?

    • Oh well, it will be yellow I guess, I don’t have any gold metallic yarn! But gold medals aren’t really made of gold anymore, so I reckon I can get away with it!

  3. Bells

    I think your plans are great. I’ll be cheering you on! I seem to have cast on my Cria cardigan just in time for the games, so I’m an accidental entrant.

  4. Good luck in the Ravellenics – oi oi oi !!!!

  5. Madmad

    A perfect plan, if you ask me! Plus we’ll get to see lots of fun bits of progress along the way! Good luck and godspeed! (Or whatever it is one says to an olympic entrant! 🙂 )

  6. amy

    I’ll be knitting my lace scarf! I liked the torch lighting too, the way it lit around and then folded up–wow. Very very nice. I wonder who thought of it, and then who figured out how to make it happen? I did NOT like that we had to wait until prime time to watch it instead of watching it live (which means my kids, depending on age, saw none or just a wee bit) and that NBC edited out big chunks. Pbthth. (Oh, but we got bike race coverage this morning, which helped with the Tour withdrawal!!)

  7. Go Rosered! I take it you’ve already begun knitting the gold edged sexypuffs after this mornings 400m relay win then? Great idea. I’ve chosen the Sock Put with Goldfish coloured S&C for the Pointelle’s but they are not going to be a fast knit.

  8. 1morerow

    I enjoyed the Opening Ceremony too but did not commit on any events in Revellenics. Good luck in your 2 events.

  9. I love the ‘lympics! And I had no idea there were no countries between Switzerland and USA until Saturday. Tanzania and Tongo were surprised too. WHAT? Channel 9? Hello?

    Enjoy your Ravellenics. I’m doing quiltolympics over at my place – totall unsanctioned, made-up, no direction. It’s kinda fun!

  10. I am making an advent knitted thing too, I had planned to do two and a bit a month but I don’t know what happened!! A gold sexypuff sounds lovely!!

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