Rav-thingummajig – Done and Dusted!

Almost as soon as it started, it was over again.  Or at least, it seemed like that.  I do so love the Olympics.  Except the commercialism and pandering to sponsors, but once the competition starts, you don’t notice that so much.  I love the sportsmanship, the stories behind the competitors and especially those who compete and finish even though they know they have no chance of “winning” (let’s not start on the Australian media’s obssession with “winning” gold medals, sigh).


As for me, I WON!  heh heh.  I finished 15 Christmas decorations (one more than I had planned) and 7 gold-edged sexypuffs, one for each of the events in which Australia won gold medals (not that I’m obsessed with winning them, it just seemed like a nice way to commemorate the Ravellenic Games on this marathon project).

Tree, bells, globe

I am really glad to have these done, although I must say I found it a bit of a trial making so many bitsy things in such a short time period – esepcially as I had to refer to the patterns constantly – they weren’t really pickup-putdown projects, they needed a bit more planning.  But thankfully they were all so quick! 


I might even reach my yearly target of 24 by the end of this year!

Snowman, Christmas present, Poinsettia, Bell and Pudding

Details – all the details are on my Ravelry project page – summarised in this entry.

Pinwheel decoration

My favourite I think is the Christmas pudding, followed closely by the red-orange-yellow pinwheel decoration – which is actually a hotpad pattern, meant to be done in worsted weight yarn!  I love how simply changing the weight of the yarn used in a project can make it so different!

I do have to block the snowflakes and the pinwheel – I solemnly promise to do it before Christmas this year!



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12 responses to “Rav-thingummajig – Done and Dusted!

  1. DrK

    im so looking forward to seeing your tree this year, with all these gorgeous hand made decorations. i miss the olympics. except for eddie TOOL maguire. and the pathetic whinging of people who come second. sigh. im looking forward to the paralympics. those guys make me cry.

  2. Ooh what a beautiful collection! They will look lovely on the tree!

  3. travellersyarn

    You win the Ravelympics. Me, not so much. I like the balls (heh, heh, heh).

  4. Wow, those decorations look great. I love the snow flakes & wish I have the patience to make them.

  5. What a great collection of decorations. I could see them strung together in a garland of sorts and hung about the room as well as hung on the tree.

    I didn’t watch a single minute of the games. I managed to miss all the hype and the obsession with medals (although I thought it interesting that more medals won by the US were won by women and women’s teams than men’s).

  6. Madmad

    Oh, I think they’re all so cute! Love the balls, the pudding, the snowflakes – you’re going to have a great tree this year! Hey – what are you doing with the gold sexypuffs? Will they make it onto your quilt, or do they have a separate plan?

  7. I do love a good knitted ornament, and yours are super-good, you WINNER!

    the snowflakes are my ultimate fave

  8. The snowflakes are my favourite too.

    I miss the Olympics sooo much, the once in my lifetime in my country Olympics and I was in the US for work for most of it! Thankfully though I got a couple of days at the start and the end to feel a bit of the Olympic fever. I was convinced I was fed up hearing about it in the run up and then pow – opening ceremony – procession of the nations and I was hooked.

  9. I am disillusioned with the commercialism and concentration on gold. Not your gold sexy-puffs though. And all your lovely decorations. I see what you mean about having to follow the patterns. A great achievement!! You could carry the flag in the closing ceremony.

  10. they’re all so gorgeous. Well done. The media’s obsession with medals was just sickening.

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