Sunday snippets

Husby has decided to plant a vege patch and re-do the herb garden. He went off to the shops this morning and has come back with soil and seeds (!! If it was me, I’d have bought seedlings, but anyway, it will be a fun experiment!).

He has a lunch today and since it was such a nice day I decided I’d give him a helping hand and clear out the herb garden, which is not so much a herb garden as a weed bed:

It really didn’t take long at all to pull all the rubbish out. There was a few new sprigs of what look like flat- leaved parsley, but I pulled it all out (let’s just say my weed and plant identification skills are not what they could be, so I thought I’d play it safe!)

I even did a bit more weeding and pruning while I was out there – no idea if it is the right time of year for pruning (I suspect not) but at least it looks a bit neater out there now.

And since it was such a lovely day, Connor and I decided an impromptu picnic was in order:

Lucky we took advantage when we did, as some dark clouds have rolled in now.

It’s amazing how virtuous you feel after half an hour of gardening! How was your Sunday?



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10 responses to “Sunday snippets

  1. travellersyarn

    Alex has been gardening today as well. I’ve been researching (boo hiss)

  2. must take advantage of that winter sun any chance you get, I say! and gardening is a perfectly wonderful way to do so. I’m with you, seedlings, prune when the mood suits, pull out that in doubt – it’s survival of the fittest in my garden and if you don’t perform fast, you’re out!

    Very pleasing that you got your picnic in before the clouds, too

  3. I always feel AMAZING after gardening and then for the next few days I have lofty dreams of a hobby farm in the country with some pigs and chooks and a massive potato patch.

    Sigh. But the reality is I should just be happy with the lovely big patch I have here at home! I love your herb beds. Can’t wait to see how they progress!

  4. That’s a great way to spend Sunday. I baked cup cakes in the morning to bring to a friend’s place for lunch & managed to do some knitting there.

  5. nice work! I think it’s a good time to prune some things – tidying up ready for new spring growth!

  6. DrK

    well i must admit i know what i would rather you were doing this sunday. sniff. im glad you got some sun and picnicing in at least. you were very much missed where we were xx

  7. gidgetknits

    I love that virtuous feeling after the gardening! I tend to sow seeds – they don’t always go well, but there is a certain satisfaction when you see the little green shoots pop up!

  8. Ok, I will admit that while I love the idea of a garden, I hate the actual gardening. I hate dirt under my nails. Our summer was so hot and dry at the beginning that nothing grew. Now, things are greening up some after the rain we’ve had. Too late for most crops. Our midwest has had such a drought that food prices are going to skyrocket this year.

  9. You were much missed elsewhere on Sunday, but this does look like a good sunny winter’s day alternative.

  10. Spring is definitely on the way, there are lots of virtuous gardeners (including me) but it is perseverance that counts, so keep it up. I see Connor likes to drive his car on the quilt as well as the knitting!!!

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