Things that make me happy

I’m home alone for a few hours and have just spent the last two hours doing housework – washing, hanging out washing, ironing, more washing, folding clothes, picking up toys, tearing recipes and knitting patterns out of magazines so I can throw them out, taking out the recycling, and did I mention more washing?

And despite all of this, the house looks pretty much the same as it did two hours ago! Gah! So I’m having a nice cup of tea and sharing a few things that make me happy (because housework sure isn’t one of those things!)

My collection of perle 8 thread – look at these lovely little jewels!


(I think I am addicted to buying these!)

Some new knitting tools:


The large and small ball holders were bought at the Berry Markets the last time we were there, and the upright one on the right came all the way from Germany via a group order on Ravelry (with complimentary yarn samples!). It spins like a dream!

Debbie Bliss Andes yarn – OMG this yarn is amazing – a 65/35 alpaca/silk blend. I taught a flower motif crochet scarf class at Calico & Ivy last week, and the shop sample (not made by me) used this yarn, so I used it during the class – my first time using it – and it is GORGEOUS! Slips through the fingers like butter on a hot day! And such gorgeous colours. Half the fun of the class was helping the students choose their colours. Such amazing colour combinations.


These cute cross stitch wooden decorations:


I bought these from Berry as well, I thought they’d make great Christmas decorations. even though sewing is really not my thing, I think these will be fun to make.

Lastly, a drawing from Connor. I was cooking the other day and he took himself off to his little table and chairs and did some drawing. It’s a bit light, but can you tell what it is?


He brought it over to me at the kitchen bench and I asked him what it was, and he said “it’s a rainbow”. A rainbow! My rainbow makes me very happy indeed.



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12 responses to “Things that make me happy

  1. DrK

    I love your rainbow too. Cute little thing. I look forward to him trying to draw cars! I love your wooden things, more knitting bits I didn’t know I needed. And that Andes really is divine. The whole scarf is going to be amazing. Oh and other things that make me happy? My cleaner. Just sayin.

  2. travellersyarn

    Please stop talking about the Andes (I can’t hear you – sticks fingers in ears etc).

    It is lovely seeing creativity develop in the littlies. Time alone is good. I do a lot of house maintenance (and we have a cleaner!) and it seems to make no difference too…

  3. I can see Connor’s rainbow, excellent drawing!! I love your collection, so pretty and justified as you neeeed all those colours. I saw some of those frames in my local patchwork shop too. So cute!!

  4. Ugh, I’m with you on housework, so unsatisfying. The ball holders look like a great idea. I’ve never seen those before.

  5. The rainbow is just lovely – as are your jewels!!

  6. Madmad

    Those ARE happy things! Love the rainbow! And I’m happy now, too – did you know I did not even know such a thing as yarn holders existed?! 30 years of knitting and I’d never seen one? How is that possible?! Are they so yarn doesn’t get tangled when you’re doing colorwork? That is so awesome!

  7. Oh yes, some lovely antidotes to housework!

  8. amy

    I know! on the housework. It never looks like I’ve done anything, really. That’s because the basic maintenance takes up so much time now, the Big Cleaning just never gets done, seems like. I mean, the time I spend preparing meals and cleaning up afterwards alone…!

  9. 1morerow

    Thanks for sharing your favorite things. I love those yarn holders especially the little one. I am off to do my least favorite thing – housework!

  10. I have ball holder envy. and those wooden cross stitch frames are adorable.

    and beautiful drawing – you must cherish that one!

    Housework-schmouswork…I hate the never-ending bloody cycle of it! But I can’t cope when it’s not done..sigh.

  11. LIke you, I collect Perle threads, but for quilting, not crochet! Yours look amazing in the bowl!

    Housework is over rated. I could, however, iron until the cows come home. Most satisfying housework job there is, in my book.

  12. I spend too much of my life washing, pegging, unpegging, sorting, folding and filing washing too. And then I turn around and there is another pile waiting for me. Ho hum. But oh such happy things, and that lovely little drawing makes me smile!

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