Stash Honesty – August 2012

And so another month rolls around and it’s time, yet again, to take stock of the last month’s yarny achievements.

It’s a fairly similar picture to most other months – I bought some yarn, I used some yarn and I (gasp) destashed some more (double gasp!) yarn.


In: 11x50g balls of yarn (3 x Wollmeise – either my nemesis or my kryptonite!), 10 x perle 8 cotton – even though those balls are. little, they still add up!) and 1 x DB baby casmerino (wah, it was on sale!)
Out: 15x50g balls of yarn – woo hoo! 7 used up and 8 destashed! That makes my YTD accounting a wee bit better.
Stash neutral? well, not quite but not bad +10.5 x 50g balls
Metres used: 1058m – YTD 7940m

My really exciting achievement this month was to hit the one year anniversary of starting my Beekeeper, and to end the month with 400 sexypuffs in total. Let’s say the total again:

Woo hoo! AND I managed finally to finish using a 100g ball of red alpaca – this was seriously like the Magic Pudding – it was the never-ending ball of yarn!  But I finally finished it this month, and as a reward decided to use some MadTosh sock (in Tart, but of course!) that had been donated to me by MissFee – a lovely large leftover ball, thank you! (I also have some Pashmmmmmmina and Merino Light from MissFee, how exciting!  My first MadTosh knitting experience!)



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12 responses to “Stash Honesty – August 2012

  1. yay for madtosh and stash busting

    i cant believe you have 400 of those puffs!

  2. DrK

    400 puffs. OMG. That gorgeous wollmeise!! Destashing!! What a month. I feel quite faint. And the madtosh…she gets under your skin she does. I see more of this in your future.

  3. Is it really a year since you started the Beekeeper? Time, and bees, fly! Love the gold medal puffs.

    Such elegant Wollmeise.

  4. All those wonderful sexy puffs! Have you dived into the middle of them?

  5. I love your special gold 400!! Well done!!

  6. Woo hoo a year in and 400 done on the puffs is fabulous!

  7. amy

    400! That’s really exciting!!

  8. 400 is brilliant! My big question to you is how are you storing them while you work on it? A big bag, a basker? Does Connor roll around in them for fun? I think we need a post on puff management.

  9. 400 puffs is fantastic! Its going to be a gorgeous thing when its finished, all those beautiful reds.

  10. noice! not stash neutral but def harm reduction 😉 (how did I miss your destash, btw??)

  11. 1morerow

    Congratulations on achieving 400 puffs – that’s a lot !

  12. yogaknitdra

    Seriously impressive sexypuffing there!

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