We have just returned from a lovely few days at a farm stay a couple of hours north of here.  Fantastic weather, great location, lots of cute animals to feed and pat, and only 20 minutes from the beach as well, and a lot of other touristy type attractions.  So I’m going to share lots of photos!!  I’ve made them into mosaics to make it a bit easier!

The animals were fed at 4pm every day, which mostly clashed with the end of Connor’s nap time, but we went along for the fun every day, for as much of it as we could.

Each cabin has its own chook pen (see the chook fort in the first mosaic above) – we had 6 chooks and a rooster (who made his presence known, loudly and often, and also had many crowing competitions with his neighbour roosters from the other cabins).  How fabulous to feed the chooks every day and collect the eggs (we probably checked the coop about 5 times a day).  Not to mention poached eggs for breakfast.  We had enough eggs to bring home so we could continue the farm holiday feeling for one more day!

And of course there were more babies and birds galore

The koalas were not from the farm, but from a tourist venue we went to on the way home – you could get right up near them and pat their backs – so soft!  The koala on the left has a baby – you can just see him/her snuggling under mumma’s ear.  It was a fun place for Connor – more baby farm animals to feed, plus kangaroos and wallabies, native birds and reptiles and even ostriches and camels.

We had such a lovely time away – it was so peaceful (apart from the rooster!) – our verandah got the afternoon sun and we spent hours out there having cups of tea/alcoholic beverages and knitting (well, not husby!).  And the stars!  I forget how bright the stars are when you leave the city lights behind.  We went out for dinner one night (early) and even Connor commented on the stars when we got home.  He’s probably never seen them before!



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13 responses to “Ee-i-ee-i-oh

  1. DrK

    a great idea for an alternative get away! it looks amazing, and the eggs, so yummy. its lovely to see connor out there getting to see things we forget about in city life.

  2. such a great way to holiday with young children – always something going on, to do , or to look at for them 🙂

    afternoon sessions on the verandah sound divine for Mum & Dad, too!!

  3. there’s a reason I won’t ever have a rooster….. and yes, being with chickens and collecting and eating eggs every day is a great thing. Glad you got to experience a bit of that with your boys!

  4. travellersyarn

    What a great holiday – our girls were much older before they noticed the stars. Living in Hong Kong there were none to be seen!

  5. Suze

    Looks like a fun time was had by all – welcome home

  6. Madmad

    Awww.. look at that cute curly hair! Soooo adorable. You don’t even need cute animal baby pics in this post! What a fun vacation!

  7. What a peaceful and perfectly lovely way to spend a few days. I think I would hate to leave.

  8. We actually have a farm here near town called Old MacDonald’s!!! It looks like a perfect place for Farmer Connor, those chooks must have been well and truly checked and the poached eggs look fantastic. Koalas are soft but they weigh a tonne!! We are lucky enough to have fewer light so we can see the starts but it is often cloudy. I am glad you had a wonderful holiday. ( I always think of Bridget Jones and her mini-breaks!!)

  9. 1morerow

    Looks like a great place. I would love to have my own chooks & have eggs for breakfast.

  10. A great way to introduce Connor to country life. I can deal with the country in short doses – even enjoy it. But I have no desire to live there more permanently!

  11. Blue eggs – brilliant! I think I love their chicken house!

  12. yogaknitdra

    What a wonderful place and so great for children. Farm fresh eggs are the best!

  13. Oh sounds like so much fun 🙂

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