Beekeeper Basics

(sorry, people who are interested in actual bees – this post is not for you!)

A few weeks ago, Bells asked me how I store my completed sexypuffs.  So I figured I may as well do a complete RoseRed Guide to Beekeeper Basics, heh!

So this is my super-special storage solution for the puffs:

Yes, that’s right, good old ziplock bags!  I guess I am just about ready to graduate them to a plastic tub or similar.  I’d love to put them loose in a nice woven or cane basket, but there are a few reasons why I don’t think it is a good idea…(a) moths or similar buggy nasties (b) the irresistable allure I am sure a basket of puffs will have for little boy hands (not that he’s shown much interest yet, but I’m not discounting it in future!) and (c) the irresistable allure I am sure it will have for the cat, who is likely to claim it as her new sleeping bed!

The puffs for the current month are in the white drawstring bag at the bottom – at the end of the month I tally them up and note them on the yarn boards (which I’ve shown you before) – it’s got samples and notes about all the yarns I’ve used so far, how many puffs in that colour and where the yarn came from, if donated to me. I’m going to have to find some more thick cardboard soon!

 (Some of) the yarn awaiting puffication is in glass vases on the coffee table.  For some reason it is has not been of appeal to small boy hands  – yet.  I suspect the day will come.  Probably sooner than I am ready!

And finally, my to-go puff project bag – a superfantastic Buttontree Lane sunnyboy bag, in which I keep a few small balls of puff yarn, spare circular needles, a ziplock bag (but of course!) of stuffing, a crochet hook for the neat crochet bind off, and the folca box (“if always have folca, important things will not forget!”) of notions.

So there you have it!  I’d better get back to sexypuffing!



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13 responses to “Beekeeper Basics

  1. DrK

    you are always so superspecial organised. it is most satisfying. i dont know how you resist tipping all those puffs out on your bed and rolling in them at least once a day.

  2. Madmad

    Awaiting puffication has got to be the best phrase ever.

  3. amy

    Wow, those yarn cards. Never cease to impress!

  4. Sunnyboy bag! great description 🙂

    seeing all your zip lock bags together surprised me too; didn’t realise just how hasn’t puffs you’d done so far!

  5. You make sexy puffing an art form! Love how organised you are and how your cat will claim those puffs one day!

  6. Envy the organisation! This will be the best documented project ever.

  7. first of all I’m so glad you wrote out what the folkca phrase is. It long ago wore off mine!
    Also, this level of organisation looks easy going, but actually it’s structured and I like it!

  8. also, you long ago patented the RoseRed ziplock bag storage system (what did we call it?) and so I’m glad to see it’s still in use.

  9. 1morerow

    You are so organised & those yarn boards are great.

  10. Ziplock bags are brilliant! Where would us knitting artistes be without them? But you do need to take them out an play with them every so often. I’m making a giant granny rug and once a month or so I get them all out., lay them out on the floor and just admire them! Of course the cat does firmly plonk herself in the middle of them all and firmly refuse to move. I swear she thinks I’m making it for her

  11. I’m impressed! You are super organized. 🙂

  12. I love your organisation and your special ziplock bags!! Nice records too with the cardboard. Cats are made for sleeping on your knitting and crochet!!

  13. Obviously that sunnyboy was MADE for a sexypuff project!

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