Collections of one kind and another

I’m not really giving away any secrets by admitting I am not the world’s best housekeeper – like a lot of knitters, it seems I’d so much rather be knitting than cleaning!

But lately there have been a few tasks that have been calling out to me, that I can put off no longer! One of these was to tidy the china display on top of the leadlight cabinet. The actual collection was slowly engulfed by a collection of random crap, not to mention a blanket of dust and a nice collection of cobwebs to top it off.

I had a bit of free time in the weekend, and instead of spending it knitting, like a normal knitting person, I decided it was time to attack the collection. So I put away the crap and I took all the china down and dusted and hand washed it in the warmest soapy water. And standing in the sun, over the sink, washing all that china, it was such a pleasure. My guilty (!) secret is that I love hand washing fine bone china!

Anyway, I thought I might share it with you, because it is so pretty!

It is Shelley china, in the “Dainty White” style – perhaps the most common style they produced. My mum has always loved Shelley, and has a little collection, and back when I was working, for a while there, I quite got into collecting it too – especially when I realised how cheap it was from the UK on eBay (whoops!).  Even though it is common, I just think it is so pretty – the lovely petal details and the shapes, the fluting and the knobs.

And I culled it a little when I put it back on the cabinet – I really should rotate the display occassionally, I suppose! Because I do have more in the cupboard, oh yes I do!  (not that I’m buying it any more, no I am not!)

And since I’m showing off collections, I thought I’d share the ever-growing collection Connor is amassing:

Yes, of course, it is cars!  And trucks, and buses, and fire engines…

And more cars!  He never gets sick of them! He takes a bag of cars everywhere, even to bed!  They really are his security blanket (a bit like knitting is for me!)



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12 responses to “Collections of one kind and another

  1. DrK

    I love his little car habit, its so cute. I especially love his Baltimore bus 🙂 and you know,I dont think I’ve ever seen all that china out like that, it really is beautiful. I think the next collection you post about should be the piles of storage crates in the spare room!

  2. two fabulous collections! Nice work Connor! I think taking stuff out and cleaning it and admiring it is a lovely way to remind yourself of the love.

  3. Madmad

    It takes a good mom to understand and accept the value of a security blanket – in whatever form it takes, including our own! Love your collection, too, and the final display. (Though now I feel guilty for not doing any housecleaning in awhile…)

  4. Why is collecting so appealing? Is there a limit to the number of collections one can have? Does wool count? Glad to see that Connor is starting at such a young age – imagine his collection in a few years!

  5. oh! I ADORE Shelley china!

    nice juxtaposition with the cars too – equal love from this end 🙂

  6. It’s time to clean out the china closet and wash the china and dust the shelves in my house, too. But then that leads to cleaning out cabinets and arranging the kitchen shelves and then…….

    it’s neverending.

  7. amy

    I try *not* to collect anything I have to dust. 🙂 Good on you letting him take his cars to bed with him. Mine have taken all manner of odd things into bed. I always smile when I go in to check on my youngest and see what she’s sleeping next to–it’s usually something that seems completely random to me but she has her reasons, I’ve no doubt!

  8. I love white patterned china (if you know what I mean). Love drinking from an FBC mug… I wish that you had not mentioned that pattern…

  9. I think collecting is a wonderful thing and I don’t like the new-fangled minimalist movement. I love your china with its curlicues and curves and what wonderful doors on your cabinet. I have spider-webs everywhere. I read that lemon oil wafted about keeps them away but that is The Labradors’ Naughty Dog smell so I can’t use it Well done Connor, that’s a fine collection!!

  10. Any time you want to come wash my china you feel free 🙂

  11. 1morerow

    That’s a nice china collection. I guess we are all collectors of one thing or another. I collects fridge magnets from all over the world.

  12. The really enviable thing about Connor’s collection is that it’s mobile (in more ways than one). He, or rather you, can still carry it with him wherever he goes. Would be good if all collections were like that – they’d probably never need dusting or washing.

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