Sew: A needle pulling thread

So, this month there has been talk of a plan called Sewvember (clever, yes? Heh heh). This involves allocating the month of November to a sewing goal – eg sewing every day, sewing a garment a week or whatever. Never one to jump into a commitment, I have refrained from making any kind of public statement of intention in relation to joining in.

And don’t let this post fool you into thinking I have! I may have bought some fabric though…

Cotton and flannelette for shorts and pj pants for Connor:

Two (count ’em, TWO) dresses for me:

And a couple of skirts and a top for me:

Oh yes, plans, I have them. Just maybe not for this year! Sewvember 2013, anyone?



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13 responses to “Sew: A needle pulling thread

  1. DrK

    Oh my goodness, those boy fabrics are too cute. And I think you could make one dress this Sewvember maybe? Or at least another lovely big skirt. And I’m glad to see at least one choice had A Bird On It!

  2. Miss Fi

    You will never, never get Connor out of those shorts and pj’s once made. He will be absolutely thrilled.

  3. A cherry skirt! I’m making no public statement either… but happy sewing!

  4. That red fabric on the bottom photo left hand side? I made that into a dress. It’s lovely fabric to work with.

    I admire your determination, even without the commitment! (deadlines are for suckers, I reckon).

  5. Beautiful fabrics, I can’t wait to see what you make.
    Happy Weekend,

  6. Madmad

    It’s good to start small, you know. A goal of SHOPPING for the fabric is perfectly fine, too! 😉

  7. lovely fabric choices. The prints for little boys these days are so cool!

  8. Oh scrummy fabrics, those dress ones are making me very envious

  9. Lovely fabrics. Happy sewing.

  10. he’s going to love those adorable fabrics. Will be fun to watch what you come up with.

  11. Ooh great fabrics! I love the choices for little boys now too. I am sure you could make a thing or two this month…

  12. La, I love to see you sew!!

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