Sewvember Dreams

A group of my friends are having a sewing day today. Since I couldn’t be there I thought I’d fondle some new fabrics and share my latest sewing dreams – it’s just like knitting, there is always another gorgeous fabric and another great pattern that you simply must make (as soon as you’ve finished the current projects of course!

First up is a lovely blue linen and some Liberty Tana lawn pieces, kn the left, and some acetate on the right.

The linen is destined for a loose floaty dress, I think, something like this (although sadly not that actual pattern, since it doesn’t go up to my size…). And I have a funny little special project for the Liberty, which hopefully I will share soon. The acetate will be used to line an imaginary skirt and/or bag (or maybe both). I just love the idea of a hidden but pretty lining.

Next up is a silk georgette (or is it a chiffon? I don’t know my fabrics that well, do I?!) which I plan to make in a loose caftan style top. I shall wear it whilst lounging languorously sipping cocktails by the pool (I did call this post sewing dreams right?!)


And finally is a GORGEOUS Missoni style fabric.

This one is either going to be a straight pencil skirt or a wrap overskirt. I need to seek out some opinions on this (after which no doubt I’ll choose exactly what I had in mind anyway, heh!)

Hopefully soon my sewing dreams will become reality!



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8 responses to “Sewvember Dreams

  1. DrK

    I am bummed that you werent here. We had a blast. I got very little sewing done, Lots of eating 🙂 I am so glad to have enabled you with the missoni because it is SO YOU and i can not WAIT to see you wearing it, because you will kick arse, Especially paired with some super fantastic shoes. And I desperately want that lily dress too but i think we might be able to measure and draft it….maybe? Next sewing party. Also, thanks xx

  2. Oh gorgeous dreaming, I am working on more sewing to justify more fabric, at present I just about have it in check mainly by buying yarn 🙂

  3. Beautiful fabrics, I so wish I could sew!
    Hugs to you,

  4. Madmad

    I’ve mostly given up my sewing dreams, so it’s nice to see yours! I love that pool one, especially!

  5. it’s lovely to see you taking up sewing with such joy – after having a machine for more years than I have! There’s certainly some pretty stuff there.

  6. Lovely fabrics — especially the Liberty. I love that stuff.

    I cannot imagine how much fabric I would accumulate if I were a sewer — oops that can’t be the right word!

  7. Nice dreamy fabrics!! I saw a lovely pattern today but it too didn’t go up to my size. You know it doesn’t take much to turn your fabric into a dreamy outfit???!!!

  8. I love the fabrics you chose! They are so bright and colorful. I am trying to bring more color into my wardrobe with some small successes. I wore an orange sweater today……

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