Put a bird on it (and a pineapple and a deer!)

A while ago, I bought some wooden cross-stitch decoration kits (first in Berry while on holidays, then I found them in Spotlight, of all places, so I picked up a couple more!). I bought them with the intention of making them as Christmas ornaments, to use in an advent calendar, so I thought it was time to actually make them! It’s my contribution to Sewvember!

Each kit comes with thread in a range of colours, and a needle, plus charts with 6 different pictures, as well as the letters of the alphabet. And if that’s not enough variety, a few blank charts so you can make your own.

I started with the smallest wooden shape, and decided on the owl. Because owls are a thing, did you know?!


Looks pretty good from the front, I think. Not so much the back:

Fortunately the kit also includes a handy piece of sticky felt to cover the back, so you can leave it as messy as you like. And then cover it up, hurrah!

I have now made four – the car is especially for Connor (of course!). I have quite enjoyed doing these. But not so much to become any type of embroiderer or cross-stitcher – this kind of precut, small thing really is my limit!

Lucky I only have two more of these to make, heh!



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9 responses to “Put a bird on it (and a pineapple and a deer!)

  1. DrK

    That would definately be my limit on that kind of needlework too. They are very cute though! And owls are totes a thing!

  2. amy

    Those are clever, aren’t they?!

  3. oh, they’re sweet! I saw them in Spotters, wondered how they’d come up.

    good job (and I lol’d at the Portlandia reference 😉 )

  4. they’re dead cute! What a fun, simple little thing!

  5. 1morerow

    They look great. I used to do a lot of cross stitching and love it.

  6. I’ve never seen kits like that. I’ve only ever done embroidery with fabric backing. I have a few small embroidered ornaments but most were gifts.

  7. They really are cute aren’t they?

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