Stash Honesty – November 2012

I have been dithering over posting November’s stash honesty because I might have fallen off the wagon a bit. But it was my birthday month, and I think most of you will agree birthday month yarn doesn’t count…am I right?

There was a bit of Wollmeise, in the new DK base:

(Yes, someone found it very smooshy indeed!)

And maybe a little bit more Wollmeise DK, to keep the first lot company:

I even told hubby I’d make him a jumper out of this lot, and he said no! To which I thought “yay, more for me!”.

And my MIL gave me a voucher to Morris and Sons, and they had a sale in Noro and Zauberball the following week, so who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth!

(I also got 2 balls of Taiyo sock and one Crazy Zauberball)

Plus this lovely Cascade Heritage Silk from Bells, in Christmas Red – it is already being used for my December sexypuffs! It is Christmas Red after all, it simply had to be!


And of course there was the lovely Swans Island and BC Garn baby alpaca from Suzy Hausfrau, which I’ve already shown you.

None of which counts! Weeeee! I love birthday month!

In: none, nothing, zero, zip zilch. Did I mention I love birthday month?!
Out: I had a good month of crafting – I used 10 x 50g balls! Best all year I think.
metres used: 1236m (YTD: 10718)
stash neutral? YES YES YES! -1.5 x 50g balls! I think I should be a creative accountant, don’t you?

I had a good month on the sexypuffs too – 33 done.

It is always good to have a few spares up my sleeve for the occasional lean month. Much the same as yarn, really.



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6 responses to “Stash Honesty – November 2012

  1. DrK

    oh yes, we cant have too much buffering against those horrid lean months. birthday yarn is wonderful, and look at that DK! great colour for you, how fortuitous. i have a little issue with the tax office i might need your help with too.

  2. I love your creative accountancy – all that pretty yarn!!!

  3. Madmad

    Oh, my goodness, you are too funny! But please don’t be doing anyone’s taxes!

  4. I think Christmas month can’t count, either, I mean it is Christmas, right?

  5. Birthday month is for absolutely gorging ourselves on all the finest things. You did well.

  6. Look at that wollmeise, such great colours. Birthday yarn is the best!

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