Bunting with a twist

We all know bunting is officially a thing, right? When I saw this pattern I immediately thought of it as a variation on the traditional bunting (even though prayer flags stand on their own), and I thought it would be perfect for my yoga-loving (and qualified instructor) Al (also a knitter, former workmate and lady Scorpio).

Pattern: Lotus Mandala Prayer Flags by Alice Best. A lovely free pattern/tutorial, which would also work well as individual Christmas decorations (note to self for next Christmas!).

Yarn: Five different colours of Rowan Wool Cotton, all from stash (woo hoo!). Approximately 85g in total, for 9 flags and the joining chain. I was really pleased with the way these colours worked together, and this is a lovely yarn to crochet with.

Hook: 4mm – I think! I normally write down all my projects in my trusty diary notebook, but I didn’t seem to for this one – how unusual for me! Whoops! And I didn’t create a project on Ravelry either, because I made them as a gift (I will rectify that though!)

Time: 3-6 November, and that even included time to hand sew felt backing onto each flag, to hold it straight! Hand sew! Me!

I really enjoyed making these, not least because I think (hope) they made the perfect gift for my friend.



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11 responses to “Bunting with a twist

  1. DrK

    Bunting is TOTES a thing, but this bunting is something special. So thoughtful, and beautifully made, and perfect for Al. I love them.

  2. Fantastic colors, I just love this bunting. Happy Weekend,

  3. And I absolutely love them! They are the perfect complement to my meditation corner. You are very clever and so very quick at making them felted backs and all. Thank you so much!

  4. Madmad

    What a perfect gift!

  5. This is a beautiful version of a bunting, love the felt backings. I’m sure Al will be over the moon with it.

  6. I love bunting. This bunting is extra special and the yoga/meditation connection makes it so perfect for Alison. The colours work beautifully together too. Gorgeous!

  7. kgirlknit

    i made a string of those mandalas for my work – they hang in the foyer and everyone loves them!

    I was going to say I’m sure your yogi friend will adore them, but I see she’s commented and she has already received and adores! Really like the colours you’ve chosen too.

  8. What a perfect gift for Alison – and I love the combination of colours. This takes bunting to a whole other level.

  9. Those colours do work well. I’m yet to get the bunting bug. Never say never though!

  10. 1morerow

    That’s a great gift, love it. I also have to keep it in mind for next Christmas.

  11. I like it! Clever and stylish and colourful all in one package!

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