The Cluck Clutch

I think I’m on a roll with the perfect crafting gift selection thingy. Anyone who knows Bells and /or reads her blog will know she is quite the chicken fancier, the lover of the humble chook (and I don’t just mean to eat, heh! Not that she would ever do that to one of her beloveds!)

So when I saw this pattern, it immediately had her name on it!

Pattern: The Cluck Clutch by Brigitte Read – the perfect clutch purse (or project bag or even door stop) for the chicken lover in your life. It’s a very easy free crochet pattern, quick to work up and not overly fiddly in the finishing, as some crochet character items can be.

Yarn: Bendigo Woollen Mills 8ply cotton, about 55g in sepia (brown) and a small amount in daffodil and inferno, for the beak etc. this is a really nice cotton to crochet, quite soft and works up nicely.

Hook: 3.5mm hook

Time: 3-18 December 2012. It didn’t really take that long, maybe 4-5 days to do everything but sew on the eyes and button closure under the wing. As usual, I totally procrastinated the button-sewing-on, which is totally NOT my favourite task with any item!

Thanks to the wonders of Australia Post, Bells has now received her chook bag Christmas gift and I think it is fair to say she likes it! Always such a pleasure to make something which you feel is perfect for the intended recipient.



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6 responses to “The Cluck Clutch

  1. the wonder of this is really that I have been looking at chicken projects FOREVER and am yet to actually make one. Also, in all my chicken project hunting I never saw this one. It’s dead cute and is destined to become a project bag. I totally love the button too!

  2. DrK

    You are a clever chook aren’t you 🙂 such a thoughtful gift, and beautifully made as always. The button is really gorgeous. I’m thinking a cute little crocheted puppy might be nice….

  3. I love it! What a perfect gift. I’m sure Bells is thrilled with it!

  4. This is ridiculously cute! Such a great gift for a chook lover too. I keep saying this but I really do need to learn to crochet… Maybe 2013 will be the year!

  5. just perfect – I think your assumption she likes it is most accurate, too!

  6. Madmad

    I think it’s PERFECT, and it looks so intricate, too!

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