Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Pretty much the only way I will have a white Christmas in Australia is to cover my house in crochet snowflakes. And for the last couple of years I have made a few. And I might have gone a bit over the top browsing online a while ago (Book Depository is just so cheap, with no postage as well!) and picked up these:

Yep, probably about 300 or so snowflake patterns in that lot, heh!
I made one pretty special one this year, for our annual handmade Christmas decoration swap with the Morris and Sons SnB group. I had seen these on Ravelry and remember being amazed – and intrigued – as I had no idea how they were made! See:

I remember trying to work out how they were constructed, and then when I eventually looked at a pattern, I found it could not have been easier!

Pattern: snowflake #93 by Anne Halliday, from Leisure Arts 99 Snowflakes. And do you know the “secret”? You make 3 snowflakes the same, and you block one flat, and the other two folded at 90degrees! And then you GLUE then together!

The book has this unintelligible instruction about how to do this – cutting strips of cardboard and making triangles and blocking using those. I absolutely could not understand it (yes, book, a PICTURE would have been useful!) so I looked in some of the similar projects on Rav, and a clever clogs person used a box to block the folds – by pinning the snowflakes over the top and side of the box (covering the box in plastic wrap first, so the glue to stiffen the snowflakes doesn’t make them stick to the box!). So much easier!

Then once the snowflakes are dry, you get out your handy dandy hot glue gun (yes, I had to buy one for the occasion!) and go for it!

Yarn: DMC Cebelia mercerised cotton, size 20
Hook: 1.25mm hook
Time: 26-28 November 2012

I will definitely be making more of these. Hopefully I will keep it next time (it was so awfully hard to give away, heh!) who knows, I might even be organised and make myself a snowflake every week next year, so I will have quite the collection this time next year!

And now it’s holidays. Husby is off work for two weeks, and I’m hoping for lots and lots of crafting time! Wishing you all a wonderful festive season full of good things.



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12 responses to “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

  1. DrK

    i was amazed when i saw this come out of its little box, so beautiful and so clever. and look at that construction! who would have thought? i think you should definitely make more for next year (some to give away too!). have a great break and a safe trip and lots of love to everyone xx

  2. Oh my that snowflake is amazing, and I would never have thought it was three pieces glued together, it is a very lovely gift.
    Hugs to you,

  3. 1morerow

    The snow flake looks amazing. Wish you and family a Happy Christmas and a great 2013.

  4. I love your snowflake. It is very wintery. Coming from the northern hemisphere, I can’t quite imagine Christmas without snow!

  5. Madmad

    Merry, merry, Jane! Hope you and your boys have a wonderful holiday! I LOVE that snowflake! May have to take up crochet! And buy a glue gun! And stop using exclamation points! More fodder for the resolutions list!

  6. Merry Christmas! That is gorgeous snowflake’ and you got to buy craft power tools!

  7. so clever! I would never have thought it was that simple, looking at the finished piece.

    yay for book depository (and it’s free shipping – the best!)

  8. So pretty! Merry Christmas to you, RoseRed, and your lovey family x

  9. oh yes! Seems so obvious once it’s explained.It’s gorgeous. You are clever! Merry christmas to you all!

  10. It’s gorgeous. I always wanted to know how that worked.

    Merry Christmas and all good things to you and yours.

  11. I love it when it’s simple but magnificent! More snowflakes! Snowflakes are cool.

  12. this is so cool. I love a crochet snowflake!

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