Hello 2013

You might recall that at around this time last year, I declared 2012 to be the Year of the Cardigan. I had grand plans of completing 3 or 4 (or possibly even 5!!) cardigans in 2012. Hahahahahaha….
Sadly, this is all I have done:

I know it is hard to tell from the photo, but that is the back and one front of ONE cardigan. So much for the Year of the Cardigan!

Not to worry, fortunately the stash and cardigan plans will keep. My failure on the cardigan goal wasn’t so much because of lack of crafting time, but more because, out of nowhere, this past year turned into the Year of Crochet. I was offered not one, but two, separate crochet teaching roles, which I took up. And making samples and thinking about ideas for classes and looking at patterns really reinvigorated my love of crochet. There really are some great crochet patterns out there now. Looking back over my projects for the year, many are crochet and I have more current crochet wips than knitting at the moment (not counting those in hibernation, heh!).

I also wanted to try to get my overall WIP count down – I had 15 at the beginning of 2012. Of those, I completed 2 and frogged one. Whoops. And I think I added 7 new WIPS to the list this year…so now I have 19 WIPS. Oh dear… But at least 4 of those will be finished this year, and I hope more too! But I’m not going to make any grand plans this year. It didn’t work last year, heh! I am going to work on what needs to be done at the time! That’s the sum total of my grand plan this year when it comes to crafting!

To round out my 2012 review-of-sorts, here’s my last Stash Honesty, for December. I had a splurge on Bendigo cotton – 12 big (200g) balls for $106 – a saving of $50. And since they brought out new colours including a great red and a lovely silvery grey, I couldn’t resist – 4 of each of those, plus 4 other colours.

I also bought another 2 balls of yarn to add to one of my crochet projects, so that rounds up my “in” total to a neat 50 x 50g balls this month. Yep, FIFTY! But you know one of the reasons I love crochet? It’s fast! It uses up lots of yarn! So my “out” total this month is pretty healthy too!

In: 50 x 50g balls
Out: 14 x 50g balls. My best this year!
metres used: 1655m – nice! (YTD: 12,373m – or over 12km!)
Stash neutral: well, no, not really, no. But not too bad – 34.5 x 50g balls extra.

I’m not unhappy with that. I really don’t need to be adding to my stash, but I love everything I’ve bought and wouldn’t change it. And hopefully a couple of major crochet projects this year will get lots of yarn out of the stash!

I feel like I’ve seen a lot of bloggers say they are glad to see the back of 2012. In contrast, I have had a pretty good year, and I feel very fortunate to be able to say that. I haven’t done anything particularly amazing or awe-inspiring, no wonderful overseas trips or huge achievements, but I’m happy, healthy, have a lovely family with a little boy who amazes (and frustrates) me daily (today he counted to 9. NINE! And then of course wouldn’t do it again, heh!). I have wonderful friends and have the opportunity to meet up and knit with them reasonably regularly. I have a roof over my head and enough to eat and the ability to indulge my crafting. I live in a great city in a great country. I hope my 2013 is pretty much more of the same. And for all my blog-reader friends, I hope 2013 brings you more good things than bad. I look forward to sharing more of my crafting and other adventures with you this year.



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12 responses to “Hello 2013

  1. jennifer

    Best wishes to you and your dear family for 2013. It is good to remember sometimes when things are well. I look forward to seeing more of your lovely projects in the future.

  2. Yay …. go crochet !!!! I’m so glad to hear that I’m not the only one with a few too many WIPs. I even have a few that I don’t have a clue what they were going to become so of course I’ve frogged them – can’t waste that yarn even though I have a whole room full. I love your thoughts on the coming year – you seem so happy and content with your life in general. I do hope 2013 is good for you. xoxoxox

  3. Crochet and knitting both are essential to my well being so I go back and forth and don’t worry if I am concentrating on one or the other, I think it is the yarn that is important to me. I am so glad 2012 was a lovely year for you and with your positive post I bet 2013 will be wonderful. Happy New Year.

  4. As always, I so admire your stash honesty! My goal for 2013 is to knit more than I buy — and I’m going to put myself on a strict yarn diet!

    My year was much like yours: not exciting but very complete!

  5. DrK

    I’m glad to have made it through 2012,.it was a challenging year, knitting wise as well. I’ve discovered tha making knitting plans are a sure way to have the knitting gods laugh at you! But I have had some great successes too, one of which has been our friendship and the joy of watching Connor turn from a baby into a lovely little boy. I’m glad you have lots to be grateful for, and hope 2013 brings more of the same xx

  6. Madmad

    Happy New Year, RoseRed! May it bring you only the best of things – including all the crafting opportunities you want – and none of the pressure to complete them! Can’t believe how old Connor is getting! Counting! My word – what is next, university?! Where does the time go?!

  7. Happy new Year Miss Jane! I’ve really enjoyed watching you rediscover crochet this past year, and you’ve almost been inspired to have another go at it myself… Almost! Perhaps 2013 will be the year. I feel similarly about 2012 too- it’s been pretty good and I have way too much to be be grateful for to dwell on the not so good bits. Here’s to a fun 2013!

  8. I grew a little thing for crochet in 2012 too – I’m a big fan. Love watching what you’ve made, I must come to one of your classes because I’m entirely self taught and always think I’m doing it wrong..

  9. yes you did have a great crochet year! Watching you has pretty much been the reason for me getting a set of crochet hooks for christmas!
    I’m with you – 2012 had a lot of things to just be quietly grateful for. I haven’t felt the good riddance thing about last year, which is rather nice.

  10. travellersyarn

    I’m with Ailsa on the class – I was trying to teach the girls at Christmas and I realised that there are lots of holes in my skills. Happy new year!

  11. Plans are boring! Bring on the spontaneous shifts in focus! I like the positive twist on the year too. Look forward to the ongoing stash and WIP wrangling in 2013.

  12. What a wonderful year for you! You are absolutely correct – we have so many things to be grateful for, and concentrating on those positives is the perfect way to start the new year!
    And congratulations on your budding mathematician’s achievements!

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