SHOESday: yellow!

I know! It’s SHOESday! It’s been a long time…

Since I threw out about 10 pairs of shoes on the weekend (I KNOW!), and the sales are still on, I decided to treat myself. (I even redid my pedicure for you!)

How could I resist these? Sensible comfortable flats:

In yellow! With built-in tape measure!

Perfect for wearing to knitting get-togethers or sewing days…if only the tape measure was to scale, heh!



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14 responses to “SHOESday: yellow!

  1. DrK

    hehe, i am edified to see you went back and got them (you are nothing if not a woman of your word!), and they suit you perfectly. if they had been red, i would have succumbed. and i can not believe you threw out 10 pairs. i still think you must have a fever….

  2. Michelle

    Yellow! Tape measures!! What’s not to love about that??

  3. Yellow! I am totally loving yellow at the moment too. And these are super cute. Yay!

  4. Super! Where did you find them?

  5. Helen

    Are you sure they are not ‘metric’? Looks like centimeters to me. lol

  6. Madmad

    Very cute! What a find!

  7. Those are so cool. Love the bold color!

  8. Love them, they are perfect.

  9. so so good!! They are adorable. I’ve sent you a pic of my lovely new flat sandals too! The tape measure is adorable.

    10 pairs thrown out??!! As in went to a second hand store or the bin?

  10. Tape measure totally sells them! And great pedicure.

  11. omg, LOVE THEM! the measuring tape is a great detail and such a sunny colour. awesome combo with the blue nails 🙂

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