Happy Christmas Mum

I planned to make a crochet scarf for my mum for Christmas. I even started it in early October. But it was put aside for one thing and another, and is still unfinished. Her birthday is in April so that is my new deadline!

But I did still manage to make a crochet scarf for mum for Christmas, even if not the one originally planned. It helped that it was small and in a luscious luscious 8ply yarn.


Pattern: the popular (thanks to the gorgeous version made by Lucy of the Attic24 blog) Japanese Flower Motif Shawl by Mayuko Hashimoto. What a great pattern! Looks great in neutral tones, a riot of colours, or just a few colours. I had already shown it to mum, as I’d taught a class on it at Calico & Ivy a while back, and she thought it would be most wearable in one row, rather than 3 or 4 rows (which is much more shawl-like) – this one is definitely a scarf. I made it a little more interesting (for me, anyway!) by offsetting the flowers when I joined them (which is done as you go, rather than at the end). And I included a couple of plain ones, for a bit of variety!

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Andes – 3 balls, one in red, denim blue and silver grey – I might have squeaked in a couple more motifs, but I wasn’t sure, and mum didn’t want a really long scarf in any event. This is a lovely lovely yarn. Gorgeous colours, feels fantastic to work with, and so lovely.

Hook: 4mm clover hook, with soft touch grip. I have recently bought some of these hooks, and they are lovely to work with, I found my hands became sore less often when I used these hooks. The thumb grip might not be for everyone, but I really like it.
Time: 13-19 December 2012. Which also makes this my last FO of 2012!

And best of all, mum loved it!



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14 responses to “Happy Christmas Mum

  1. DrK

    whats not to love? gorgeous colours, stunning yarn, made with love. you give crochet a good name.

  2. travellersyarn

    MMMm, Andes. Love that Andes. Love the scarf in the luscious Andes as well!

  3. Madmad

    Of course she did! It’s awesome!

  4. I bet your Mum is going to love it. I love that pattern and have used it many times,. I have made a one row scarf and I get so many compliments on it, your Mum will too.
    Hugs to you,

  5. This is the motif that has finally prompted me to re-learn to crochet. Love the scarf!

  6. Such a cheery scarf! Love a good crochet scarf.

  7. very chic 🙂 beautiful colour combos, no wonder your Mum loved it!

  8. Ooh. That’s just GORGEOUS!

  9. It’s beautiful. Just beautiful. Must. Learn. Crochet!

  10. It’s so pretty. I bought one of those hooks to try. It might have been psychological but my hands got less sore as i used it. I think it’s terrific.

  11. Michele

    this is so pretty! of course she loved it. and i bet she thinks of you every time she wears it.

  12. It’s so pretty, so quick and so great that she loved it. I really love the soft touch hooks too. I’m an instant convert.

  13. It is so pretty, your mum is very lucky.

  14. That scarf is gorgeous! I love the colors you used, and I love that you left a few in one color, it really makes the multicolored ones pop. I’m a big fan of the soft-touch crochet hooks, too– I find that I don’t have to grip them as tightly as the plain round ones.

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