Get in mah belleh!

I thought I might share my dinner salad with you.

Not because it is particularly inspired or particularly attractive – because clearly it is neither. But because it is entirely home grown! From seed even! The time spent watering every day has paid off.

(Let’s not mention the cost of making a new garden bed and filling it with new dirt, because that will make this one expensive salad).

It has been fun watching everything grow, and finding new things ready for “harvest” every day. Connor has to check the tomatoes three times every day to see if any more are ripe. He loves it, and I love that it helps teach him, even just a little bit, where our food comes from. He has even eaten carrots straight from the garden (washed of course) when normally he spits them out if I try to give them to him for dinner.

We have grown beetroot:

And capsicum and the most delicious little apple cucumbers (so sweet, although so spiny on the outside – definitely have to peel these before eating):

And we are looking forward to corn:

And more cucumbers, purple carrots and hopefully a pumpkin or two:

But let this be a lesson to you if you are planting a herb garden – don’t let your toddler loose with the seed packets:

Otherwise you’ll end up with a bed full of flat-leaved parsley and coriander, which you cannot tell apart (some hints please, anyone?), no basil, no mint and a couple of weeds thrown in.

I have been thinking about a veggie patch for years, but thanks to husby it became a reality this year (well, it started last year, obviously!). We’ve learnt a bit (he planted some things too close together, hence smaller than usual carrots and tomatoes) and will definitely do it again next summer.

Now I just have to convince him that chooks would be a good idea too!



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11 responses to “Get in mah belleh!

  1. DrK

    I always have aspirations to veggie gardens but my lack of tending and watering brings me undone. Yours is spectacular and productive, and educational! Win! Re the coriander.It should be much finer in the stems and leaves than the parsley and I can always tell coriander by the smell (Thai food!).

  2. Chickens are great! They help keep the weeds down. And make the tomatoes grow beautifully (of course, they sometimes like to snack on them, too!) Coriander, like Dr K said, will give itself away by the fragrance and it tends to be more delicate and feathery, too. I love food from my garden! Check out Eden seeds when you get going – they’ve got brilliant heirloom varieties.

  3. Madmad

    Oh, that’s awesome, Jane! I’m envious – I’ve wanted one for awhile, but think the dogs would be the end of it, pretty quickly. ..

  4. How fantastic and so good for Connor to learn from. I bet you have had your hands full watering with the intense heat.
    Hugs to you,

  5. travellersyarn

    I bet you didn’t eat the tomatoes! They look lovely (I would have eaten them…).

  6. Wow – I am so impressed – my tomatoes did not work this year at all

    did you know you can rent chooks – with a house – that may be a way around the husby – return them if they dont work…..

  7. oh, I how laughed at the flat parsley/coriander bed!! it will be only smell or roots that tell them apart, and I’m guessing their smell will be cross-transferring?

    good that your little fella is also getting into the veggie patch in other ways, though 🙂

  8. I have ambitions to have a garden this year. I don’t like my hands in the dirt so I’ll have to find some gloves. Pk is already looking for places to get horse manure and mushroom soil for the beds. No chemical fertilizers here.

  9. How wonderful, no wonder you are proud. My best crop was mint. I am happy, but sad for the poor shrivelled zucchini and the parsley went to seed, can I borrow Toddler C???? Then Peri and Gilly could come to visit your chooks!!

  10. I am so impressed. How do you find the time? The salad looks so fresh and yummy! My yard is 100% shade, so I don’t have to make excuses for my laziness.

  11. wow look at you growing and eating vegetables! Good on you.

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