Blogging mojo missing…knitting mojo alive and kicking!

I’ve got quite a few things I could be blogging about, but can’t seem to motivate myself to do it (story of my life, really, except for knitting and crochet!)

I have been knitting! Yes I have! It was with much relief that I picked up the sticks again last month after sending off my Easter Show entries – I hadn’t knit a stitch since early January! I might have even already mentioned that to you, but it still amazes me. Fortunately, I remembered how to cast on, and in just over a week I had this:

A little vest for a friend who has just had her second baby – got to love the little knits, so quick!

Pattern:. Floyd by Martin Storey from Rowan Miniature Classics. I’ve knitted this before, for Connor, and found the pattern a tad on the small size. So I decided to knit the 6-9 mo size, even though the new little guy is only 2 mo. And I added a bit of length in the body, as the
Rowan Handknit Cotton shrinks a wee bit in the wash and dryer.

(Sorry about the sideways photos, don’t know what happened with those!)

Yarn: Rowan Handknit Cotton, 1 ball each in red, blue and stone – all up I used about 105gm. I had a ball of red leftover from Connor’s vest, so used it for the bands, and striped the blue and stone. If I buy one more ball I reckon I’ll have enough for another vest!

This is a nice cotton, a bit thicker than a regular DK/8ply, more of a worsted weight really I think. It is nice to knit with and knits up beautifully. And easy to wash and dry if necessary!

Sticks: 3.25 and 4mm sticks

Modifications: As mentioned, I made it a few cm longer in the body. I also left off the pocket, since a baby doesn’t have much use for pockets in their garments! And the stripes add enough visual interest anyway, I think.

Time: 24 March – 2 April


I don’t often repeat patterns that I’ve already made, but I can see myself making this one again. It’s just a nice cute vest – classic and versatile.



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12 responses to “Blogging mojo missing…knitting mojo alive and kicking!

  1. This is so cute! It makes me want to move to somewhere cooler where I would be able use a little vest like this!

  2. I like the colour combination, and vests for babies are so useful (or maybe I’m still hearing my mother’s advice about the need to keep their chests warm!).

  3. It is adorable, sometimes when you pick up the needles again it is such a relief.
    Hugs to you,

  4. DrK

    great colour combination, and so quick! and im very pleased to see you knitting again. i was worried we had lost you completely to the Dark Side!

  5. love vests for babies, welcome back to your knitting mojo!

  6. I love babies in little vests too, and this one is super cute. Welcome back, knitting mojo!

  7. Love the vest. I think a vest is a great garment for children as it stays on and cotton is the best material, wash and wear well. Perfect !

  8. Madmad

    Very cute! And I love a little baby boy in a vest!

  9. Love the opening to this post, story of my life too my dear! Anyway nice to see some of what you’ve been up to. I need to get back on the small people knits, whole garments in mere days what is not to love!?

  10. travellersyarn

    Love it. Stripes are very, very appealing to me at the moment, especially with colour blocks…..

  11. Great color choices. I seem to go through stages where life keeps me busy enough that blogging gets pushed to the background. Nothing wrong with that. I think it’s how it’s supposed to be.

  12. Was Connor using the stripes as roads or was that you?? It is a lovely simple pattern and the stripes are very cute. Glad you have your mojo back!!!

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