Misplaced optimism or something else?

You know what it is like when you get a project idea stuck in your head, and no matter how many WIPS you have or how much yarn you have in your stash, you just have to make this project NOW, and you have to buy the yarn for it, because despite having tubs and tubs and chests of yarn, you don’t have this particular yarn in your stash.

And so it was with this project. I had the magazine with the pattern already, and I was browsing Ravelry one day when I came across a lovely FO, exactly the same colours as the pattern, with fabulous photos. And I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

And I found myself at one of my favourite yarn (and fabric) stores, Calico & Ivy (which is sadly closing in a couple of weeks) and they have a great range of the required yarn (Rowan Kidsilk Haze, be still my beating heart!) and so I had a play. I pulled out the colours used in the pattern, which I liked, but not right for me. So instead, I went with this combination:

I went off wearing blue (especially navy blue) for a while, but I’m back on board with the blues, and I just love these blues and greys together. As did another customer in the shop, heh!

Even though I’m halfway through a vest for Connor which I must finish for his birthday next month (he’s going to be three!!) I couldn’t resist starting yesterday. I spent a little while getting organised:

And then I started. Tell you what, it’s slow going using the KSH, especially the dark colours (I won’t be doing this project at night I don’t think!) but it is so lovely:

Even moreso when it is blocked (or pinned out, in this case – I thought I might have to go up a hook size to get gauge – but this stuff really stretches out nicely.

What is it that makes us knitters and crocheters do this, buy new yarn for a new project even though we’ve got so much already in our mental or actual queue/WIP pile? Is it (perhaps misplaced) optimism in our ability to plough through the yarn, or just plain insanity?! I think I prefer to think the former, but maybe it’s a bit of the latter…I blame the yarn fumes!



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15 responses to “Misplaced optimism or something else?

  1. DrK

    oohhhhh! i wondered what you were going to do with the KSH! gorgeous pattern, beautiful colours. blues and greys are totes A Thing right now 🙂 i think what it is, is the desire to be creative. to be always trying new idea and stretching ourselves. so its a good thing. (see how i just made stash enhancement into an intellectual imperative?!)

  2. Love the blues! (And the little helping hand, too!)

  3. Oh my goodness, that is going to be gorgeous! I love the blue and grey together. I’d love to address your question about adding more WIPS, but I have to go knit on the sweater that I just cast on in addition to my Beekeeper’s Quilt and a cowl.

    So yes, I definitely do that too. 😀

  4. Oh, those colours, that yarn, swoon… This is going to be so beautiful.

    As to the question of optimism or insanity, I’m going for optimism with a big dose of DrK’s creativity. And maybe a bit of “ooh shiny!” thrown in too (for me anyway!).

  5. Oh how pretty, especially when it is all pinned out. I am the same way with fabric and wool- almost every tie I make something I spy a new fabric or wool and I must have it. Nothing else will do. It must be the fumes!!!

  6. I blame yarn fumes too. They get me every time. I think when you get your heart set on a project , and a very special one at that, you have to have the perfect yarn, so a trip to the yarn store is in order. I will deprive myself of shoes and clothes, never yarn. Good luck,

  7. Madmad

    I put it all down to good sense: you MUST make that shawl, and it MUST be in those colors!

  8. That yarn is a bear to work with but oh so worth it. I have the same problem with the spinning materials. I just ordered two bits of roving to spin even though I have more than I could use if I spun every day for the next year. I guess sometimes some project just “speaks” to us and we are not satisfied until we complete it.

  9. sometimes a girl has just gotta do what she’s gotta do, is my theory! And really, that’s a specific yarn for that project – substituting would have been difficult 😉

  10. travellersyarn

    If your love for navy fades again, just remember that I love it….

  11. Good choice! And I love those photos of the FO – are you going to have a similar photo shoot? 😉

  12. I think we take on new projects like that because we fall in love with the colour, feel, or picture of ourselves knocking everyone sideways with our hand-made gorgeousness, and that love makes us blind to the WIPs, UFOs, stash, and budgetary bottom line.
    Or just because we deserve it.
    One or the other 🙂

  13. 1morerow

    Love your choices as blue is my fav color. You are not alone as I feel the same way sometimes. Well, you deserved new yarn for such a gorgeous project.

  14. Oh optimism definitely, a need not to be limited, love this, very special in the KSH

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