Tell me what to do … Please?!

I’ve finally taken the plunge…I’m about to become a quilter! (Of sorts). It won’t replace knitting and crochet, but I find I cannot resist the lure of pretty fabric and especially gorgeous quilts any longer.

Today I had a few spare hours and so I got this out:

All lovely Liberty tana lawn, inspired by Donna. My first quilt, may as well use the best! It’s going to be very simple, a queen size quilt made with very wide strips. I had in mind doing it like this (in all photos, the strips are folded in half, the quilt will be longer than it appears!!)

(This is OPTION 1 – I think quite classic, let’s the fabric speak for itself)

But then Donna made a suggestion to me which has given me the following 3 options:

(OPTION 2 – sorry this photo is upside down, I blame the iPad!)

And then there’s this:

(OPTION 3 – the joins in the middle are staggered – because I need to cut approx 14″ off the length, this would allow me to cut 14″ off one of each of the 2 strips of the same fabric, rather than 7″ off both strips of the same fabric, if that makes sense?)

And the last one:

(OPTION 4 – this is the same as option 3, except that I’ve kept the blue strip in the middle together, rather than splitting it – mostly because it’s my favourite print. And maybe the strong vertical down the middle is a good idea?)

I will put a plain colour sashing around the entire quilt, I think it will be about 4-5″ wide. Probably in light grey although possibly red, if I can get the *right* red! Please let me know what you think, or any other suggestions for layout. I asked twitter and got 3 votes for option 3 and one for option 2 (although I hadn’t thought of option 4 then). I’d love to have more opinions!

(Sorry I haven’t added a poll, I couldn’t work out how to do it through the wordpress app on the iPad!).



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25 responses to “Tell me what to do … Please?!

  1. DrK

    hmm. well i did vote for option 3 originally, but i am a bit dim, i thought the stripes were running across wise, which makes the staggering work. if these stripes are running from top to bottom then i think the plain long strips work better and are definitely more ‘modern’ looking. i think the colours work better in option 3 but it really depends on what you want in terms of sensibility. the long single stripes are definitely much more classic, the others start to look ‘patchworky’. sorry, dirty word. also, just cos you make a quilt or two doesnt make you a quilter ok?!

  2. I’m for option 1! I like the simplicity. πŸ™‚

  3. I’m contrary so I vote for option 5 which is alternating full stripes and then staggered ones πŸ™‚ staggered things strike me as a good idea as then you don’t have to make so many intersections of corners match neatly – an important consideration for me! I’m with you on the lure of pretty fabrics and the wonderfulness of the end product of quilts.

  4. Lovely fabrics and I like option 1.

  5. travellersyarn

    I’m with Lyn…

  6. I am completely dim when it comes to quilts, and applaud you fro being so brave. Can I just say I love all the fabric and know you will make the right decision.

  7. Laura

    I vote option 3! Good luck with it

  8. Madmad

    Are you showing us the quilt sideways or from the head of the bed, so to speak? If it’s the latter, I prefer option 1, if it’s the former, I like Option 3. (PS. I love how you say you are going to “start small” with a QUEEN SIZE QUILT! Hahahaha!

  9. if you simply *must* pursue this business of taking large bits of fabric and cutting them up, then sewing them together to make a large piece of fabric (:-P), I’d say Option 1 showcases the fabrics in a more modern manner, and personally I think that looks more like “you”?

  10. I’m with Sarah, option 5 I like the idea of alternating staggered and full stripes

  11. I’m a confirmed on option 1 as I think it keeps the integrity of each pattern better, but anything you do will be stunning!

  12. I like option 3 best. But with these fabrics anything you do will look wonderful! And I think it takes more than a few quilts to be a quilter (at least that’s what I keep telling myself :-). Can’t wait to see what you make x

  13. Lyn F

    I do a little quilting myself and I would go for Option 1
    I think it is classic all the way

  14. I can’t say why, but I say it’s option 3 hands down!

  15. Chris F

    I like Option 1

  16. I like option 3 as well but with a slight change. I would put a contrasting/coordinating solid between the prints. I like the way it looks when the prints stand out and are separated from each other just a bit. Black, dark blue or even a dark red would look good and make your prints pop out more.

  17. Lois

    I too love the simplicity of option 1. These fabrics are gorgeous & don’t need much ‘flouting’ πŸ™‚

  18. Option 1 absolutely! The patterns are all just fighting with one another in the other choices. Keep it simple!

  19. I know you will have decided by now but I vote #1- though I am the world’s most happy jelly roll quilter with all the randomness, your materials cry out to be long stripes!!

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