SHOESday: rockin’ it (or something)

I guess I’m having a mid-life crisis. Or reverting to my youth. Or something. Because last week I bought these:

Trust me, they are much brighter YELLOW in real life!

I did think about them quite a bit before I took the leap, as phrases such as “mutton dressed up as lamb” went through my head. But then the 40-something adult in me took over, the one who doesn’t really care what people think of my appearance, the one who wants to inject a bit of fun (and, let’s face it, practicality) into my winter wardrobe.

The one who is totally going to ROCK these boots.



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15 responses to “SHOESday: rockin’ it (or something)

  1. DrK

    all these fancy new Docs do make me want to revisit the footwear of my youf! and then i would need to go listen to the smiths and probably get my nose pierced again. they really look great, and much more practical than the Manolos 🙂

  2. Oh, I love them. Yellow shoes, or boots, are the best. As for the mutton dressed as lamb, how can something as comfortable and practical as Docs fit this category?

  3. Yellow boots! Yay! You’re rocking them and it’s about time we took our fashion back from those children who do it all wrong… 😉

  4. rock on – they look fabbooooo

    you now need RED socks to go with them

  5. Madmad

    Just saw those (or very similar) here and was bumming I’d already purchased boring rain boots. So I say go for it and enjoy them!

  6. I think when we reach 40-something we ought to be able to wear anything we like. You are ROCKING those boots.

  7. travellersyarn

    They are very fine boots. Not a mid-life crisis, just fashion.

  8. it’s been ages since we’ve seen a SHOESday! thanks for sharing your wonderful boots – no mutton there! (and as you say – who cares anyway?!)

  9. Yay, love them, you rock xxx

  10. Yes, welcome back Shoesday!!! I love your new ‘shoes’ and I definitely think you are rocking them- now there’s a sentence I hardly ever say. I think there’s a lot of guff talked about what you should wear at certain ages. I think you should wear what you like. Yay!!

  11. I am eyeing a pair of colored and patterned sneakers for the summer here. They are bright and gorgeous (and a tad expensive or I’d already have a pair). Sometimes you have to let that inner child out to play.

  12. Wen

    I’ve had my identical pair for about a month. I love thm and they never fail to get comments. I wore them to work yesterday (casual day) and even the CEO commented!

  13. Pru

    How funny Rose Red! Just bought a pair of Docs and had the same thought! They are ace.

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