Veyla Veyla Veyla!

After Connor was born, I had grand plans of knitting these for my obstetrician. Well, I didn’t quite get there (in fact, I got no further than buying the pattern!) but when I found myself pregnant again, I had the opportunity to rectify my slackness. As you know, the pregnancy wasn’t meant to be, but I still wanted to knit her the intended gift. And so I did.

Pattern: Veyla by Ysolda Teague – a lovely mitt pattern – interesting to knit and pretty to wear. The lace cuff is knit sideways, then stitches picked up along one side and joined to knit in the round, with a neat little leaf detail over the knuckle area. I made the large size, exactly as per pattern.

Yarn: EGMTK sock yarn in emerald green – I had thought I’d use black or some neutral colour, but a chance comment made by my OB about Connor’s cars (he came with me to my first appointment) lead me to choose green, and I was right – her favourite colour (phew!). This yarn was bought at Bendigo Sheep & Wool fair in 2009(!!) so yay for stash busting! Although I still have over half the skein left, as the mitts used less than 50g (even the large size).

Sticks: 3.25 mm KnitPicks Options, magic loop.
Time: 8 March 2013 – 6 May 2013. They really didn’t take that long. The first one was done in a week, and both were finished before the end of March. Except for the buttons – 8 little buttons! Buttons are my nemesis! But I finally sewed them on (the perfect little buttons, I never thought I’d match the yarn colour so well!), in time for my follow up appointment.

A great little project, perfect for gifts or for yourself! Especially when you can get a pair out of a single 50g skein or ball of fingering weight yarn. I might even make another pair for myself. If I can get over my fear of the BUTTONS!



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11 responses to “Veyla Veyla Veyla!

  1. Oh cute! I like them in the dark green.

  2. DrK

    such a gorgeous pattern, still high on my list. you make them sound so easy, and the buttons are perfect. im glad you got to give them to someone meaningful too.

  3. Oh, they are so pretty and emerald green too!! They will be a much appreciated gift.

  4. What pretty little things! So feminine. I wanted to make something for my dentist (who is almost 1 year cancer free after a horrendous bout of lymphoma) to celebrate. I think she’d like those.

  5. beautiful. bet she loved them πŸ™‚ and what a great match those buttons are!

  6. They’re lovely – and the perfect time of the year to receive mittens as a gift. I always love shopping for buttons and regret not making more projects that need them. Or is it sewing on of the buttons you don’t like?

  7. Absolutely gorgeous mitts .. love them. xox

  8. Madmad

    I’m with you on the buttons thing. Little bastards, they are. But still… these gloves might make it worth if. So pretty – what a great gift!

  9. Suze

    What a lovely idea Jane. Beautiful and very elegant. I heart them πŸ™‚

  10. These are so pretty! I’ve made these a couple of times; such a fun little knit, interesting without being too complicated and so very pretty. I love the green (but of course) and the buttons are perfect. Don’t fear the buttons, they’re like the icing on the (knitted) cake!

  11. Oh such pretty mitties, and what is it about that last bit of finishing that always takes so long?!?

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