I don’t think I have mentioned that I have recently started help out Suzy Hausfrau Yarn Store. A very exciting opportunity for me in a lovely lovely yarn business.

Of course, I feel obliged to try ALL the lush yarns stocked by Suzy Hausfrau (yes, I am another of those people who spends more than she earns working for a yarn store, heh!). I have a bit of a way to go yet, but I’ve got to tell you about the MINK! The MINK! (Did I mention, it’s MINK!) (heh heh, sorry!) (by the way, I paid for the yarn and am not being paid for this post! You can trust me when I say I’m telling it like it is!)

I wish a picture could convey the softness of this yarn – Jones & Vandermeer Happy Mink – it’s a worsted weight handspun 50/50 mink/cashmere blend – the mink is “guilt-free” – combed from the animals once a year. Oh my. Oh my oh my oh my. Softer than a baby’s bottom. Softer than duck down. Softer than a basket of baby chickens. Softer than a bed of kittens. Softer than the softest soft thing you can think of.

It is soft in the skein, but even softer knitted up. So much so that it fuzzed even as I was knitting it – you can see how the yarn looks on the left of the photo compared to the hat – which has not been worn yet (although has been carried in my bag once or twice!)

Because of this, I would probably only recommend this yarn for a hat or a scarf/cowl – I think it would pill like crazy in a garment, but is perfect for accessories that won’t get too much friction or hard wear.

It’s not a cheap yarn, it definitely qualifies as a luxury one – but one skein will get you a simple hat – I made this hat from the top down (based on a free pattern which is made from the band up), as I figured if I ran out before I got the band done, I could easily use another yarn to do a contrast band. And I made it with this much to spare:

(and that was after I had to undo my too-tight cast off and redo it much more loosely! Phew!). You can see all the details of my hat on Ravelry (I can’t get the linky thing to work, but I’m sure you know where to find me there!).

You can also see the texture of the yarn – it’s a bit thick and thin, so even stocking stitch is given a wee bit of texture. I did find that on a couple of occasions when knitting this hat, I somehow managed to knit 2 stitches together when I wasn’t paying attention (a rookie mistake I don’t usually make, heh!) and I think this was due to the “thin” stitches on the needle sticking together.

It comes in a couple of marled colours as well as solid colours – so if the black/white isn’t your thing, you can choose a solid colour (or stripe the two) (I do love a stripe!).

For a simple hat, it’s a little bit of luxury we all deserve, I reckon!


Since I’m here, I may as well mention that this week (Wednesday 12-Sunday 16th) Suzy Hausfrau yarn store will be at the Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair at the Convention Centre at Darling Harbour. I’ll be working on the stall every day so please drop by and say hello – I will be the pink-hating person wearing a Suzy-pink jumper and apron, heh! We will have the Happy Mink and lots of other lovelies for you to smoosh!

And if you want the chance to knit with the Mink (the MINK!) Suzy Hausfrau is holding a yarn-tasting on Thursday night, 6-8pm – all the details are online here – what a great chance to try some lush and interesting yarns! If I hadn’t already indulged in them all, I would totally be signing up!



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13 responses to “Mmmmmmmmmink

  1. Jan

    I wrote a comment but it disappeared. I’ve been making a hat for each of my adult sons in the Clever Camel from Jones & Vandemeer. I figured it would stand up the wear they would give a bit better than the supersoft mink. Besides, i’d need a second skein and that’s getting pricey for something which may live in the car! One row purl one colour, one knit in a second colour makes a firm durable fabric which is still soft and fairly windproof. Not as soft as the mink of course.

    I think I might go to the exhibition this year, but haven’t worked out which day.

    • WordPress has been a bit weird tonight, sorry about your missing comment. I am knitting with the Clever Camel right now – definitely a great choice for a boy hat, as it’s got a bit more “body” to it.

  2. Good for you working at the store, and that yarn looks so yummy. Soft and beautiful!

  3. Ooh I have some mink somewhere stashed away that this makes me keen to get to. Glad to hear you are having fun with your new job, I would say that should keep you out of mischief but it sounds like delightfully the opposite 🙂

  4. Madmad

    It looks awesome, Jane – sooooo soft!

  5. I once worked at a friend’s toy store during the holiday season … and, well, you can guess the rest! I swear you can see how soft that hat is!

  6. DrK

    Oooh looxury!! It really looks fantastic, and suits you so well. Love the button. Yay for the wonder that is Suzy hausfrau, can’t wait to check out your stall at the fair.

  7. Oh… oh… words fail! Friendly mink! It’s gorgeous!

  8. NOICE!!! what a place to “work” 😉

    how lush does mink/cashmere sound, too? bet that keeps your head beautifully warm and stylish

  9. This hat is so cute! I swear you can see te softness, I can’t wait to try the mink at the yarn tasting this week!

  10. I think that hat may not get lots of wear there where you are and might hold up really well. It looks like a kitten, all soft and fuzzy.

  11. amy

    So awesome for you that you are out & working here and there. I’m a bit envious…more envious of that than of the mink hat, I think.

  12. Mmmmink?!?!? I don’t know whether to cry ‘Temptress!’ or ‘Tease!’, what with the 1000km of air travel required to get myself anywhere near your gorgeous offering!
    ps it looks lovely on you…. ::sigh::

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