Just a little bit tired

I have spent the past five days working for Suzy Hausfrau Yarn Store at the Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair, and I am SO TIRED! I really wanted to spend today in my pyjamas, but we apparently need food to survive, so I showered, dressed and ventured out in my daggiest but comfiest mom jeans to do the grocery shopping and now I am hibernating again, catching up on some TV with my feet up.

Gosh it was fun though. How could it not be, when I could look at, talk about, and squish this all day:

Oh my! And it was great to meet knitters I only “knew” from online as well.

And of course I had to bring some home with me … Some of this:


And some of this:


And I had a chance to have a few quick looks around the rest of the Fair, and there was a stand selling a whole lot of Interweave books and DVDs for $5 each! I couldn’t resist:


And I picked up a Tulip Etimo Rose crochet hook – I’ve only heard about these, never seen in person, so I couldn’t resist. It’s very nice to use, I like it a lot. Even if it is pink…


And finally, something new from Habu – a wool crepe, which apparently pleats when it is washed, like Issey Miyake fabric:

Can’t wait to try it – if I didn’t have a little deadline knit right now, I’d have it on the sticks already!



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15 responses to “Just a little bit tired

  1. DrK

    im so glad you got this opportunity to work with ms hausfrau and put your strengths to use! i hope you had a really great time, i heard you were ‘in your element’ 🙂 high on yarn fumes by the looks. and some very judicious purposes, im so excited about the quince and co being available locally, i shall be ordering copious amounts i can tell! i think you need a cup of tea and a little lie down though.

  2. I enjoyed seeing your enabling skills being put to such effective use! The Suzy Hausfrau stall looked great. Even though online stores have expanded our yarn choices exponentially, it’s still good to be able to see and touch the yarns and trust the colours.

  3. I had only had one whole day at the fair and I was exhausted, I can’t imagine how tired you and Renae were by the time it was all packed up! The stall looked fabulous though, and those yarns…. Mmmmm I keep squishing my quince and co and my MINK, just lovely. Can’t wait to cast on!

  4. Madmad

    Sounds like a fun five days! And love the haul!

  5. Argh… how did I miss the DVDs?? And the crochet hook! Damn, I should have taken the whole day off instead of just 3 hours. It took me a good 20 minutes to walk down to the Convention centre!

  6. You’re going to love that Etimo hook. I bought the whole set of the gold ones with black handles from overseas awhile back and am seriously thinking of buying another set as they seem a bit hard to get. The craft show would have been fun – I was planning to go (from Canberra) but urgent ‘family’ stuff needed to be done instead. 😦

  7. Fun, fun, fun. I have several of those videos and I paid a lot for them, I would have grabbed every one for that price. love your yarn, glad you had fun.

  8. What a fun, if exhausting, weekend. I don’t know how you had so much self-control!

  9. travellersyarn

    Wow, it looks like I missed out. Stupid jet lag and parenting responsibilities! Great haul. I am in love with Coast at the moment – probably lucky I didn’t stop by.

  10. what a way to spend five days though! I’ve been following SHF on Instagram, loving and envying all the shots from the show.

    hope you get a good recovery now 😉

  11. $5 books? Now I really am jealous!!! (nice haul) have fun diving into your goodies 🙂

  12. Oh too much fun! Love your personal haul!

  13. Isn’t it nice to put your feet up and just relax after accomplishing something? I’d buy the crochet hook BECAUSE it’s pink!

  14. That looks like so much fun – if exhausting! And it looks like you were very frugal with your purchases considering the temptation that was there! x

  15. 1morerow

    You are a very lucky lady – working with yarn and bringing some home. I have the same problem when I work in Calico & Ivy and I always come home with something.

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