You know how I have this insatiable urge to try ALL the Suzy Hausfrau yarns? Well, this is another result of that:

Pattern: Dustland Hat by Stephen West. This is a great pattern, which comes in 3 sizes. A few people on Ravelry indicated the sizing ran big, so even though my head measures Large, I decided to make the Medium. And it fits perfectly! Really long and slouchy, and fun to knit because of the varying textured patterns.

Yarn: Swans Island Worsted, about 80g of the 100g skein, in Indigo. This yarn, oh my! So soft and squishy. I loved knitting it and I love the fabric it produces. It shows the textured pattern so beautifully! The Swans Island yarn is organic merino and is naturally dyed – the colours containing indigo even come with a separate label warning about colour bleed. I used metal sticks, so no problem there, but I did get colour bleed onto my fingers, which washed off easily (phew!)

Sticks: KnitPicks fixed metal, 4mm for the rib and 4.5mm for the main part of the hat.
Time: 26 May – 2 June 2013 – a week and a day – not bad considering I was knitting other stuff during that week as well.
Modifications: none at all. Knit exactly as per the pattern. Some on Ravelry report on making it less slouchy – it is quite a “long” hat – but it slouches over very nicely, I think.

I’m very pleased with my new hat!



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16 responses to “Dustland

  1. Love that last photo! You rock. πŸ™‚ So does the hat.

  2. travellersyarn

    Love it (and the final photo especially). I needed a hat in Sydney today…

  3. love the hat – just finished mine – what are we knitting next?

    I need a cardie I think….

    • DrK

      i dont have any swans island and now i wants it. this looks great! and i do love to see you frolicking abut the garden in it πŸ™‚ i just finished a blue slouchy hat but it is not as pretty or detailed as that. he really does write a damn fine pattern that clever young man. didnt lyn meet him in amsterdam? as you do….

  4. Madmad

    Aw, man! I thought you were going to teach us some yoga! πŸ™‚
    Cute hat! One of the online retailers I use went out of biz recently, and had a huge sale on Swan’s Island. (Well, on everything, really, but she happened to have Swan’s Island.) I was so overcome, and overwhelmed by choices, I ended up with NOTHING. And I cannot even tell you how FREE the yarn was. Crazy. Like 12 bucks a skein. And I ended up with NOTHING. How?! ARGH!

  5. I am in love with that hat. I’m sure I know someone who needs one! I’ve been looking at the Swans Island yarn and it is tempting — especially since I’ve actually been to Swans Island in Maine.

  6. Love the hat, and love the picture of you looking so happy about it.

  7. Great hat. Blue does suit you. Are you channeling your latent Stephen West in the last photo?

  8. Love love love… The hat, the yarn, the frolicking in the garden x

  9. good call on going down a size – it looks to be Just Right πŸ™‚

  10. That is a cool hat. Hats are so addictive aren’t they? I have made about 9 in the last two months…

  11. Lovely hat – great colour on you and nice pattern choice.Definitely a good call on the size though!

  12. Yay – what a lovely hat it is indeed

  13. Oh yes, great hat and lovely red boots!!! I like a big hat too, all the better to make me look less awful!!

  14. 1morerow

    You look great in that hat!

  15. Excellent action shot! You ar giving me the itch to knit slouchy…

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