Green jersey!

Well, look at that, August already! Where did the time go…

Well, I am pleased to report I finished one of my TdFKAL projects. And I started the other, and a third too, heh! So I reckon I qualify for a green jersey for my sprinting effort!

So here’s my Haiku shawl:


Pattern: Haiku, by Rebecca Velasquez. This is a really nice (well, I think so anyway!) and easy crochet shawl. It is quite deep though, not a shallow triangle (in case that’s not your preference!)

Yarn: 2 skeins of Quince & Co Finch in Kumlien’s Gull, a lovely heathered grey. Bought, of course, from Suzy Hausfrau! The Finch is the fingering/4ply, and comes in very generous 50g skeins – generous in terms of yardage – about 220yds. It works up really nicely.

Hook:. I used a 3.75mm hook, as per the pattern, but I really should have used a 4mm hook, as my finished shawl – even after I added about 4 or 5 extra repeats – ended up narrower across the wingspan and deeper in the length, than it was meant to! I didn’t want to add extra repeats, as that would make it a lot longer, so I fudged up a bit extra on either end and added a tassel for even more (and hello, tassels are FUN!)

Time: started on day 1 of the TdF and finished on the final day! 29 June 2013 – 21 July 2013

And because I am a goober:

Tour de France – this shawl
I crochet, back and forwards
It is beautiful.



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13 responses to “Green jersey!

  1. Kg

    beautiful shawl – that’s a really elegant crochet stitch.

    I reckon you totally qualify for the green jersey πŸ˜‰

  2. DrK

    haha, haiku! how clever!! and it just gorgeous. beautiful grey, lovely yarn, pretty pattern. i love the tassles, they really work. c’est magnifique πŸ™‚

  3. Really beautiful, love the pattern and the beautiful color.

  4. Madmad

    It IS beautiful! Love the tassel addition. Congrats on the jersey, too!

  5. Oh nice! I should pick up my crochet hook again – but currently suffering from carpel tunnel (damn you childbirth!), so hopefully can do once my hands sort itself out. I’ve been meaning to contact you about the knitting group!! Will send you a message soon.

  6. I’m becoming very picky about shawl shapes. Deep and narrow are really hard to wear, and not very sensible. The tassels were an inspired idea for adapting the shape of this one. Lovely soft grey.

  7. Sue Klammer

    It really is beautiful

  8. 1morerow

    Lovely and I like the look of the crochet stitch. I tried learning crochet but have a problem reading patterns.

  9. Yay, sprinting prowess! Love this shawl, perfect yarn and pattern combo

  10. Well done, the colour is lovely and I think your tassel is the cutest thing ever. Of course, there can be no higher accolade than being awarded The Green Jersey!!!

  11. That shawl is just beautiful! I love the color. It’s the kind of item you can really wear a lot.

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