Wish me luck

See this pile of 5cm x 5cm (2″ x 2″) squares?

There’s 414 of them (I hope! Actually, I think I somehow managed to make a few spares!).

I have a month to sew them all together and crochet around the edge, to make this blanket for my oldest nephew’s wedding present:

Wish me luck? I think I’m going to need it!



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14 responses to “Wish me luck

  1. It is going to be fantastic!
    hang in there.

  2. What a gorgeous blanket. Feel free to crochet one for me any time!

  3. jennifer

    I am sure you can do it. (Those deadlines really help motivate.)

  4. That’s dedication, good luck. The thing that scares me is the ends!! Do you have a crochet them in thing happening??
    Lucky nephew!!

  5. This lovely blanket ALMOST makes me want to crochet again. I wish you patience and persistence – as well as luck – for the sewing up. I still haven’t finished sewing in the ends of my Northmavine shawl!

  6. phwoar! LUCK!!! I have faith in you, but dang girl – that’s a mammoth task 😉

  7. You’ll get there I’m sure, great choice of pattern

  8. DrK

    As you always so sensibly tell me, you can doooo eeeet. But wow, 414 of the little buggers. I really hope it’s appreciated!

  9. Madmad

    It’ll give you practice for your beekeeper! 😉

    • Oh my! Thanks for reminding me (NOT!) heh heh! Poor old Beekeeper has taken quite the back seat lately, I might have even forgotten the pattern! I must get back to it. In October, after this seaming is done! I pretty much need to do 20 squares/day, so far I’ve done 18 and it’s 9.45pm! Sigh. Hope things are all going well with you and the family! I have some news…

  10. Blanket for nephew
    Lots and lots of crocheting
    But it’s all worth it.
    (I’m a goober, too)

  11. Sue

    Looks beautiful Rose Red. I am sure they will treasure it for always.

  12. travellersyarn

    But you can’t enter it in the show! Can you crochet them together? would that be faster?

  13. It’s going to be beautiful, and of course you will finish on time x

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