Repairing a damaged granny square blanket

After one of my classes recently, the shop where I teach asked me if I could repair a damaged granny square blanket – I had a look at it and two of the squares needed mending – thanks to the owner’s dog.

Bad doggie!

I have never done this before, although I vaguely remember reading a post on Ravelry or a blog about it, a few years ago now. I had a bit of a think and worked out a way to do it without needing to undo the crochet seaming and replace the entire damaged squares.

And I’m very pleased to report that I managed to do it, almost within the time allowance I’d estimated!

Just finished it tonight – I’m feeling a bit chuffed about it!



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12 responses to “Repairing a damaged granny square blanket

  1. I would be feeling a bit chuffed myself if I fixed that, good for you, I hae no idea how to do that.

  2. Clever clogs! Truly the crochet queen.

  3. Madmad

    Very clever! (I hope you’re getting paid handsomely!)

  4. No wonder you are chuffed, that’s genius!!! I am sure Peri and Gilly would never do that (wink!!!)

  5. this is so exciting to me – I have one of the granny rugs my Nana made when we were little kids that needs repairing. I’ve been too scared to attempt it so I’ve had it packed away to minimise further damage (just old age and wear & tear, not dogs!)

    thanks for sharing!

  6. DrK

    oooh very clever! you would never know there had ever been a problem. it must be nice to be asked to do these things (not necessarily doing them however), but as a recognition of your skill and knowledge. crochet queen indeed!

  7. Sue

    Very clever Rose Red

  8. Genius! A friend asked me to fix a sweater her sister bought in a thrift shop that was crocheted. One of the sleeves was torn but it was at the hem. I pulled the crochet back to a full row and then added a sc border and then had to do the same to the other sleeve. it was good enough she could wear the sweater.

    You should be proud. Your fix doesn’t show at all! Like I said, Genius.

  9. annagisela

    Impressive work! I have a couple of blankets that were chewed by our puppy but sadly they are woven, so no fixes for them!

  10. 1morerow

    You have done a perfect job. I hate doing repairs and have put aside some socks that need darning.

  11. pamelag37

    Can you share the basics of your crochet diamonds please that you did on your star blanket please? The pattern of it was what I was looking for to make another pattern I trying really hard to get. Those diamond pattern is what I might need to know to get to fit into the idea of how another pattern suppose to work. I am working on a cube pattern and trying to find ideas to explain the idea of it that is why I am asking.

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